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Conversion Conference London 2016 (15% discount code)

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Conversion Conference London 2016

Learn how to grow your business by improving your website’s conversion rate. Learn from the best in the trade and discover the potential of your website or business at the 2016 Conversion Conference in London.

Conversion rate optimization is changing. Discover the latest strategies and tactics.

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Locations and date:

  • London, 12-13 October, 2016

Speakers include:Conversion_Conference

  • Róisín Moran – Head of Data & Attribution, PerformanceX at Google
  • David Nye – Manager, Experimentation and Web Analytics at
  • Stephen Pavlovich – CEO at

View the complete program:

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Conversion Conference London 2016 (15% discount code), 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating Online marketing Events

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