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Bulk Google Plus Author Checker

Because Google removed all G+ author information from search, this tool is no longer available.. Google Plus Author finder. Use the Google+ Author checker to find the author of a specific web page. Submit multiple URLs and this tool will check the HTML markup / structured data containing Google Plus authorship information. The syntax used for G+ Authorship: HTML Link …..

Bulk Twitter share count checker

Because Twitter removed all tweet count information, this tool is no longer available.. Twitter Retweet Tool. Use this tool to check the number of times a URL is retweeted / shared on Twitter. The retweet count indicates how your visitors appreciate and interact with your content. You can get the Tweet count for multiple URLs using the Tweet share count …..

Rank checker (Bèta)

Ranking tool. Update: The development of the rank checker tool is currently put on hold because of recent API stability issues. When these are solved I’ll post an update as soon as possible. This Beta version is currently available for members only. Sign in or, if you don’t already have an account, register a free membership to get full access. …..

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