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Social page authority checker

Social page authority checker
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Social authority tool.

The Social page authority tool enables you to check the popularity of multiple URLs across different social networks. The tool displays the social media authority and social media interactions for every submitted URL.

The higher the calculated social media interaction the higher the social media authority score for a specific URL.  The social media authority indicates the how visitors interact and like your content.
After performing a check you can export the results to CSV.

The Social authority checker enables you to check up to 10 URLs at once.

  • Twitter Share / retweets – Removed because this API is now longer available
  • LinkedIn Shares
  • Google plus ones
  • Facebook total = Facebook Shares + Facebook likes
  • Pinterest pins

The “Social page authority checker” has made it to Mashup of the Day on the – (27 Mar 2014).
Thanks guys!

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6 thoughts on “Social page authority checker

  1. Syed says:

    Thank you guys for making it free for us. Loved this tool. What about Instagram and Tumblr?

  2. Jasja ter Horst (admin) says:

    Update: Since Twitter announced they will no longer support the Twee count API (October 6, 2015) I’ve removed this data from the tool. Pretty unbelievable but this is the current share count API status –

  3. Yolo Seo says:

    This is a valuable tool how ever it be really helpful if you guys had a average chart on different levels of social media numbers what are considered better for seo that be very helpful thx.

    1. Admin says:

      Hey YOLO ;-)

      Great idea, but it hasn’t been proven there’s a direct relation between social media shares and SEO.

      Check this article for more background information “There is NO correlation of shares and links”

  4. Admin says:

    Update: 28-05-15 just fixed a small temporary bug.

  5. Admin says:

    Update: 08-10-13 just added the social authority table.

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