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Domain Authority / Page Authority PageRank tool.

The website authority checker enables you to check the Domain Authority (authority of the domain / complete website) and the Page Authority (authority of a specific page). The available metrics measured by this tool:

  • Moz Domain Authority (on a 1 – 100 scale)
  • Moz Page Authority (on a 1 – 100 scale)
  • Google PageRank (on a 1 – 10 scale) – Google PageRank is no longer shown by default, because Google announced they won’t update this metric any more.. read more about PageRank.
  • External equity links pointing to a specific URL
  • Website age & Specific URL Age  (estimation)
  • Social Media score (the total share count from: Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest)

** The External links to domain metric displays the external equity links referring to the domain name / root URL and not the complete domain.

Moz calculates Domain authority and Page authority based on different link metrics like, Number of linking root domains, quality of the incoming links, etc.

Domain age vs Website age

This tool calculates Website age because it’s a better and more relevant SEO factor to measure. Especially when you compare PA, DA, PR and Website age to see how a domain has developed over time. A Website age of 6.4 years means a website is 6 years and 4 months old.

  • Domain age – the number of years since a domain has been registered.
  • Website age – the first time since a website appeared on-line

Checkout this article by Ann Smarty on the subject “Domain age vs Website age”: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/domain-age-how-important-is-it-for-seo/7296/

In this video, Matt Cutts explains the difference and importance of Domain age (no value) and Website Age:

Tool suggestion

Improve your website authority?  Use the Valuable Backlink Tool to check the backlink profile of your competitors and get some vital insights. Who is linking out to your competitors and would they be willing to link to tour website?  Analyse your most important competitors and start building new relationships and links. Receive more quality backlinks, based on Domain / Page Authority, and improve your chances to rank for relevant search terms.

The Moz Authority checker uses the Mozscape / Moz API to get the authority and link data.

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67 Responses to “Website Authority Checker”

  1. Silas Nkoana

    Help this great free tool doesn’t seem to be working today. I have entered new sites and sites that I know have both domain and page authority.

    • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

      Hi Silas,

      Thanks for mentioning this issue, I’m working on a solution.
      And I’ll post an update when the problem is solved.

      Jasja ter Horst

  2. Rianne

    Hi there,

    This tool is very helpfull! I have one question, though..

    For a domain (alkuplus.nl), this tool states 744 ‘external links to domain’. When I check the same domain in majestic.com, they state 192 ‘external backlinks’. What’s the difference between these metrics?

    • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

      Hi Rianne,

      I’ve also checked your domain with this tool (running on the Moz API) and compared it to the results from Majestic SEO. And the different number of backlinks can be explained because you’re comparing “Total links” (this tool 744) and “Linking domains” (Majectic 192).

      The total link count is expected to be higher than the linking domains number, because some domains link multiple times to your website, causing the total link count to be much higher.

      I hope this answers your question and if not just let me know ;-)

      • Rianne

        Thank you for your help. I’m still confused though. Because:

        – your tool is stating the metric ‘External links to domain’ > total links?
        – Majestic is stating the metric ‘External backlinks’ > linking domains

        Regarding this explanation, I’m wondering if you can tell me what Majestic means by the metric ‘referring domains’. What’s the difference between ‘referring domains’ and ‘external backlinks’ in Majestic?

        • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

          Hi Rianne,

          No problem.

          When comparing these metrics (which is always a bit problematic as mentioned in the comments below), you can intrepid them like this.

          • Website Authority Checker: External links to domain = Total external links pointing at the exact web site URL (example.com)

          • Majestic: External backlinks = Total external links pointing to any page of your website (example.com, example.com/products, example.com/category, etc.)

          • Majestic: Referring domains = Total unique domains linking to any page of your website (example.com, example.com/products, example.com/category, etc.)


          Furthermore the Website Authority Checker reports equity links. This means only links which pass link value are returned (excluding nofollow links, 302 redirects, etc.). For this reason the number of reported links by this tool will almost always be smaller than the numbers returned by other tools.

          The advantage of this setup is, you’re looking at the important links and not just at quantity.
          More about equity links: http://www.seoreviewtools.com/what-is-link-equity/

          Hope this helps ;-)

    • Thomas

      Different tools and sites will give you different results. This depends on the size of the database of these sites as well on the techniques these sites use. One simple method is also to check google this way: “www.yoursite.com”.

      • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

        Hi Thomas,

        Your comment is spot on. You will always see differences when comparing the results from, for example: Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, MOZ (Open Site Explorer) / this tool, because all these tools use their own datasets.

        To my opinion you should focus on the high quality backlinks instead of just the quantity of links pointing to a web site, when judging a backlink profile.

  3. Pawan Diwakar

    Hey Jasja
    My domain is only 3 months old, why it is showing 5 years as URL age….?

    • Jasja ter Horst (admin)


      I did a check for your domain and the archive.org shows data from 2011. This probably means someone else used the domain before.

  4. Franck

    Great job with the update. I like having the Authority PageRank & Social stats all available and consistent in one single tool.

  5. Roger

    The tool works perfectly. Can you tell me how often MOZ updates these metrics? I have a site which has hundreds of links, but MOZ reports only 2 backlinks, so I was wondering if MOZ has the resources to update their index frequently.

    • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

      Hi Roger, at MOZ they update their index pretty frequently (like every month).
      The links you mention should surface, with upcoming index updates.

  6. Ravinder Dande

    I checked my DA ,PR and PA. DA and PA is pretty good but my Google PageRank is zero. I would like to know how I can increase the PR of my blog.

    • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

      Hey Ravinder,

      Google has announce they won’t update PageRank any more (since December 2013). This means you shouldn’t focus on PR especially when looking at a relatively new site.

      You should instead focus on becoming an authority within your market or niche. A good starting point is looking at the backlink profiles of your main competitors and see what you can learn from them.

    • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

      Hi Kata,

      The website authority checker uses the Internet Archive / Wayback machine to find the first index date.
      If this data isn’t found / doesn’t exist, the tool will return N/A (not available).

  7. Florin

    I see the tool still reports Page Rank, does Google still uses Page Rank ? Do sites still level up?

  8. Martin Kleinheinz

    I have 2 strong new TLD domains and not even MOZ can define the PA and DA. Why is that so?
    It seems to be common with new TLDs…

    • Admin

      Hey Martin,

      Can you provide me with some background information:

      • How old are the domains?
      • Are there backlinks / external links pointing to these domains?


  9. Tanveer

    This tool is great. I think it is using MOZ for getting backlinks why not use majestic as they have a fresh index of back-links or ahrefs?

    • Admin

      Hi Tanveer,

      Your right, this tool uses MOZ backlink index to display the number of backlinks for a specific URL. Majestic and Ahrefs are also great tools to explore backlinks but they don’t offer a free API. At the moment I’m limited to the MOZ API but in the future I’ll try to offer backlink statistics from multiple sources.

      I’ll keep you updated!

  10. Dave

    I just tried it and the tool gives really good insightful data.
    Especially the social data is interesting to see.

  11. iKurniawan

    Thank you for this tool. Easy to use and the result is easy to read and understand.

  12. Admin

    Updates (01072015):
    – Added Social media share score (URL and Domain level)
    – Added URL age.
    – Displaying Google PageRank is now an option

    Let me know if you like / dislike this update..

  13. Amy Treasure

    Hi, this is a fab tool- thank you! I know you did an update today and it did reflect in my DA improving from 13 to 18 but when I checked the backlinks there were only 2 new ones on there and I know that I have quite a few links from other prominent sites. Was just wondering why it doesn’t reflect these? Sorry, I’m not techy at all but would just like to know how I can improve my site’s ranking further as thought I was doing the right thing by getting links from quality sites. Thanks in advance.

    • Admin

      Hi Amy, nice improvement.

      Moz just did an update of their mozscape API and many sites will see a shift in PA and DA.

      If you’re looking at the Domain Authority statistics returned by this tool you’ll see the exact number of external equity links pointing to the root of your domain.
      This can cause the number of returned links to be lower than expected.

      Some examples:

      • Links pointing to specific pages, other than the root domain, are not returned on Domain Authority level.
      • External non-equity links (like nofollow links, javaScript links check out this FAQ for more info) are not used to calculate the total sum of external links.

      I hope this answers your question.

  14. Peter Smith

    Is the number of years a domain has been established matter much in terms of ranking? For example how does it effect ones page ranking in the google search results?

    • Admin

      Hey Peter,

      An old domain with a very low Domain Authority does tell you this domain hasn’t gathered a lot of authority over the years. But a website which has a high authority and age, is most likely a trustworthy domain with good ranking potential. The last example; a site with a high Domain Authority, which has just been on-line for a couple of years. In this case, the owner / company behind it probably created link worthy content, established important on-line social connections or found other great ways to receive backlinks.

      To conclude, I wouldn’t consider website age a direct ranking factor. Website age is especially useful to put other metrics in perspective (like Domain Authority & Page Authority).

  15. Navneet Teotia

    Hi admin,

    How often is this updated. I have a blog about 10 -15 days old and created some backlinks. I have some questions regarding that. Doesit show comment backlinks? Does it show nofollow and social media backlinks as well? How long before my domain gains some amount of authority


    • Admin

      Hi Navneet,

      Good question. To answer it you have to look at the different metrics returned by this tool:

      • PageRank
        The last PR update was back in December 2013 and Google announced it probably won’t update PR in the feature (according to John Mueller form Google). That being said you can still use PageRank to get an impression of the authority for a specific webpage.

      • Domain Authority
        Domain Authority (DA) is a metric developed  by Moz based on their Mozscape Index which  is updated about every month. You find the exact dates over here: http://moz.com/products/api/updates. Your domain authority score will probably change around every 3 to 4 months, if significant changes occurred within your backlink profile

      So in your specific case you should focus on Domain Authority, because it’s  a new site. And you can expect to see changes in a couple of months (3 – 4 months).

      • Navneet Teotia

        Thanks Admin,

        It is great to see that you share your future index dates and show us a detailed view as well.

        Yes, After google’s decision of not making the pagerank public. Domain authority is the best way to quantify your SEO efforts.

        Thanks for the quick reply :)

        • Admin

          Your welcome!

          For the record, this tool is using the Mozscape API to display Domain Authority, Page Authority and backlinks. And thereby relies on the Mozscape API for updates.

  16. Admin

    Update: I just added progress bar support to visualize Page Rank, Page Authority and Domain Authority.

  17. Jason

    Thanks for the cool tool, it works fine and without any issue. I will surely check back when i establish my site fully :)

    • Admin

      Hi Rishi Kumar,
      That´s true.. I use HTML5 form field validation and it needs the scheme / Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to validate an URL.
      So this means your input should contain the full URL ;-)

  18. Shubham Dubey

    Its not showing google page rank for my blog :(

    Just shows empty box…. :((

    • Admin

      hi Shubham,

      Thanks for pointing out this bug.

      I know the issue exists when a PageRank 0 is returned.
      The value is shown outside the box, when I’ve got some spare time I’ll look into it. For now you know your PR = 0.

      Problem solved, see the repose below.

    • Admin

      Just had the time to fix this problem. It was just a little bug caused by CURL returning an errno 0.
      Problem solved..

  19. Brad Caldwell

    I wonder how you can increase Google Page Rank. I suppose a score of “1” is not very good…

    • Admin

      Hey Brad,

      The simple answer is:

      • Just get backlinks from high PageRank websites…

      The full answer is:

      • Don’t primarily focus on PageRank because it’s a bit of an outdated metric. Check this FAQ item for more info about PR.
      • A more reliable and frequently updated set of metrics, you can use to determine page strength and domain strength, are Domain Authority and Page Authority.

      You can use the backlink tool to check the backlink profile of your, top ranking, competitors to find relevant link opportunities.

  20. klinik hewan surabaya

    Hi, Ican you tell me why I can’t check my facebook page? Btw is it possible to check facebook page of my profile? thanks in advanced

    • Admin

      Hey Klinik,

      You currently can’t check the https:// version of a domain, so try http:// instead (for now).
      I’ll look for a solution to make it possible to check both versions.

    • Admin

      Hey Engr,

      The website authority tool displays your domain and page level authority statistics. When you add your root domain you get two different reports:

      • The first report displays the page level statistics = (Page Authority, Page Rank)
      • The second report displays the general domain level (full website) statistics = (Domain Authority, Page Rank)
  21. Yogesh Khetani

    This tool doesn’t work.

    It throws this error –
    Sorry Api connection currently not available, please try again shortly.. or use the Bulk SEOMoz Authority checker instead.

    • Admin

      Hi Yogesh,

      The message you received isn’t an error but a suggestion returned by the tool when the API connection fails. There are some problems with the stability of the API (I’ll look into that). When you get this message, just wait a couple of minutes or use the http://www.seoreviewtools.com/bulk-seomoz-authority-checker/ to retrieve the Page Authority and Domain Authority for your page.

      The Bulk SEOMoz Authority checker is using a different and more stable API.

      • Admin

        The Website Authority Checker has been updated and now runs on the Moz API. This means you should get results 99% of the time and no more errors!


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