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Keyword Research Plugin for WordPress [Update]

Identify keyword opportunities without leaving WordPress. The keyword research plugin is now fully tested with the latest major WordPress core release [6.1+] No time to read the full article? Just head over to the WordPress directory and download the plugin. This plugin is roughly based on the functionality of the free online Keyword Research Tool I’m offering here …..

Bulk Backlink summary sheet

Bulk Backlink summary spreadsheet for SEO The Backlink summary sheet is designed to help you quickly compare specific URLs or Domains. Add a list with a maximum of 100 entries and with just a single click on the “Get results” button the spreadsheet will automatically collect all the data from the API. Without any programming knowledge you’re able …..

Keyword Difficulty Checker UPDATE

Free Keyword difficulty checker. The Google keyword planner is a starting point for many, when performing keyword research. The downside of this approach? Well the Google keyword tool is designed for Google Ads. That being said, you can get some interesting SEO metrics, including search volume, keyword trends, suggested keywords and in some cases CPC to get a …..

Bulk Keyword difficulty Google sheet

Keyword difficulty checker spreadsheet. This Google spreadsheet is designed to automatically connect with the SEO Review Tools Keyword difficulty API → and will return the results with just a couple of clicks. You can add up to a 100 keywords to the sheet to perform a bulk keyword difficulty score lookup. View the sheet Make your copy Why …..

Google SERP preview Tool

Free Google search results generator. Interested to see how you can get more visitors from search? Use the Google SERP preview tool to optimize your search snippets for both mobile and desktop. With the help of this tool you can quickly write optimized Titles and Descriptions for new content or improve content that has already been published. Write …..

Semrush vs. Ahrefs: Which Is the Best SEO Tool?

In the world of SEO, you can get pretty far with basic knowledge and hard work. This is especially true when you’re just starting out and have limited resources. But as your site grows and reaches a bigger and bigger audience—and your team grows with it—there might come a time when you need to look at automation and …..

SEO Content Editor 3.1

Start Writing content → SEO Content Assistant Update: To optimize your content for all assets of search, you can now generate questions related to your keyword to optimize for featured snippets. Read more → The SEO Content Editor is a writing assistant designed to help you to optimize content for the web. You can just focus on writing …..

Celebrating 100K+ registered members ❤

Use the included LinkedIn post → to react, comment or share (if you like). Looking forward to receiving your feedback. Let me know what you would like to see in the near future on SEO Review Tools… New tool suggestions, updates or just something wild ;-)) Get in touche on LinkedIn → Just leave a comment and I’ll …..

SEO Review Tools for Chrome V 3.1.0

/////// 3.1.0 update /////// Get the SEO extension 6 NEW Tools available with the SEO Review Tools for Chrome extension. 6 New Tools Uncover all the top ranking keywords that drive traffic to a domain. Use the Domain Rank tracker to learn form your competitors. The report includes top ranking keywords, monthly search volume estimate, rankings and competition. …..

Website SEO Checker [update]

Website SEO Checker. The Website SEO checker helps you to perform a full webpage SEO Audit in just a couple of minutes. Enter your URL and focus keyword (make sure this keyword is relevant for the specific page you’re going to analyse). Next the tool will crawl and test your webpage to see how well it’s optimized for …..
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Why SEO Review Tools?

SEO Review Tools is an collection of real-time SEO tools to analyze your website and to keep track of your competitors in Search. All tool are designed to run fast and to help you improve your website with actionable recommendations and valuable insights.

Back in 2013 I started developing these tools to help SEO experts, Online marketers, Webmasters, Copywriters and Bloggers to optimize their content and improve their visibility in search. And I’m proud to be partnering with the best in the industry including: MOZ, SEMrush and Ahrefs.

Just a selection of the Free SEO tools you can find on SEO Review Tools:

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