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AI keyword generator API

Use the AI keyword generator API to discover keyword themes using the power of GPT-3.This means the API uses machine learning algorithms to generate relevant keywords directly related to the topic / keyword that you provide.

AI keyword generator API

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How to use AI to detect related keywords?

The AI keyword generator API uses a combination of techniques to generate related keywords, including natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Here’s a brief overview of how the API generates related keywords:

  • The API is trained on a large dataset of text, which includes a wide variety of words and phrases. This training allows the keyword API to learn the structure and patterns of natural language, as well as the relationships between words and phrases.
  • When the API is asked to generate related keywords, it uses this knowledge of language and relationships to suggest words and phrases that are semantically similar or related to the input keywords.
  • The API uses a variety of techniques to suggest related keywords, including word embedding, vector space models, and neural networks. These techniques allow the API to represent words and phrases in a numerical form, and to calculate the similarity between words and phrases based on their numerical representations.
  • The API also uses context and common sense knowledge to suggest related keywords. For example, if the input keyword is “Smart watch”, the API suggests related keywords like “Smartwatch Accessories”, “Smartwatch Reviews”, “Smartwatch Camera” and “Smartwatch Price.”

Use case examples

  • Add the AI keyword generator API to the Content editor of a CMS to support copywriters.
  • Integrate the AI keyword generator API in Google Sheets to quickly perform keyword research for a client.
  • implement the AI keyword generator API endpoint within a custom application to find keyword opportunities for existing content. The results from the API can ben used to optimize and improve existing content.

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API Tasks & localized data

To get accurate keywords statistics for your location and language the keyword API supports 48K+ specific locations, 190 countries and 45 languages.

How to use the API

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Pricing plans

Pricing for the keyword API starts at $75 USD p/ month.

API PlanPricing
API Lite$75 /month
API Standard$175 /month
API Advanced$450 /month

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