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API Pricing

Build your own white label SEO Report, Dashboards or Tools with the SEO Review Tools API. Fast, Simple and Easy to use.

Monthly Billing Annual Billing (20% discount)


$75 /month $60 /month Save $180 /year $720 billed yearly
  • 7500 Credits /month
  • All end-poins included
  • Full support


$175 /month $140 /month Save $420 /year $1680 billed yearly
  • 25000 Credits /month
  • All end-poins included
  • Full support


$450 /month $360 /month Save $1080 /year $4320 billed yearly
  • 75000 Credits /month
  • All end-poins included
  • Full support

If you need more credits or if you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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All features

$75 /month
$175 /month
$450 /month
All API end-poins included
Full support
Monthly credits7500 2500075000
Trial credits500500500
15 day free trial
Free trial

Free trial

Free trial



During your trial period you’ll get access to 500 credits.


Here are some examples:
  • Duplicate content API = 2 credits /call
  • Keyword Statistics API = 8 credits /call
  • Keyword SERP rankings API = 5 credits /call
  • Website traffic API = 4 credits /call

Please check the API documentation pages → to see how much credits a specific end-point consumes.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by cancelling your automatic payment or contact us [email protected]

Once you have 50 or less credits left, we will automatically notify you by e-mail. You buy addition credits or upgrade your subscription.

No, your credit balance will automatically refresh.

  • Credit card subscription

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