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Bulk Title tag checker

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Multi HTML Title tag tool.

The HTML title is one of the most important on-page SEO elements. Besides the SEO factor, the title tag is also used on search engine result pages as title of a snippet.

A well written Title tag is important for visitors as well as search engines.

The HTML syntax used for the title tag:

  • <title>The title of your page</title>

Use the bulk title tag tool to get the following information for multiple URL’s:

  • Does the page have a Title tag?
    • Yes a Title tag is found.
      • Are there multiple Title tags found?
      • What is the length of the Title tag?
    • No Title tag found.
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3 thoughts on “Bulk Title tag checker

  1. Andy

    How many keywords should I target inside my title and should I mention my brand name?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Admin

      Hey Andy,

      Depending on the authority of the page and the general domain authority you should determine the ability of a page to rank for a specific keyword / keyword combination.

      Answer question 1:
      Don’t try to target too many main keywords for a single page. In most cases it’s more efficient to target your main keyword in combination with a relevant key phrase.

      Answer question 2:
      You should use your brand name inside your title tag:

      – When you’ve got a well known brand name you should mention it.
      – If your brand name contains relevant keywords.
      – You have the available space / characters left to mention your brand name.

      You shouldn’t use your brand name inside the HTML title tag:

      – When your title length will be longer than +/- 70 characters.

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