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Bulk Web page Word Count checker

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Online word count bulk tool.

Use the word count tool to check the number of words used inside the body of a web page. Submit multiple URLs and the tool will automatically extract all the text / content inside the HTML body tag for every single page.

Why should I use the word count tool?

Based on word count you’re not able to determine the quality of the content, but it gives you a good impression of the textual quantity. Use this tool to find thin / shallow content pages, based on word count. The output of the tool helps you to decide if you have to improve your content. Important web pages should contain enough textual content to target multiple keywords, keyword variations and long tail search terms. You can also check the percentage of anchor text words found on a page. If this number is close to 100% you have a page containing only links.

Word Count API + Google sheets

SEO Review Tools API Discover how to use the SEO Review Tools Word Count API together with Google sheets.

Google sheets API connector


The following metrics are returned after performing a word count check.

  • Total word count.
  • Corrected word count (Total word count – Anchor text word count).
  • Anchor text word count.
  • Percentage of anchor text words.


After extracting the content filters are used to remove: HTML markup, Symbols, Single letter words, Punctuation, Spaces.

NEW: Need to check the word count for more websites on a daily basis? Try the API →

Tool limitations

  • This tool isn’t able to determine content quality or relevancy.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of words to cover a subject. Don’t just add words to generate more content.
  • The corrected word count number is set at 250+ words. This doesn’t mean writing 249 words is wrong and 250 words is perfect.

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31 thoughts on “Bulk Web page Word Count checker

  1. priyabrata sen

    Does it count other text like sidebar and related posts or only the content part?

    • Jasja ter Horst (admin)


      This tool is designed to extract the content from all paragraph tags found on a page. So depending on your markup it might include comments and related posts. But it excludes (in most cases) sidebar and other navigational markup.

  2. Jasja ter Horst (admin)

    The Bulk Web page Word Count checker now also returns the average numbers:

    • Total word count.
    • Corrected word count.
    • Anchor text word count.
    • Percentage of anchor text words.
  3. E.

    I love this tool and have a quick question. What is the URL limit per day? Thanks!

    • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

      Hi, the limit is 18 runs per tool per day.
      So in this case you can check 10 URLs per run / check allowing you to check 180 URLs per day.



  4. Dan

    What is the anchor text? As in, what do you mean by that?

    I’m only familiar with the term “anchor text” as meaning: the text that appears highlighted in a hypertext link and that can be clicked to open the target web page.

    Surely this is something else, though, right?

  5. Lee

    can this tool count words from all pages within a site or pages below a directory ?

    • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

      Hi Lee,

      This tool will only check the URLs you enter. It’s not designed to perform full or partially website crawl.

  6. Jan

    I’m getting a “No valid URL submitted” no matter what combination of http:// and www. I use, I always get the same message.

    • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

      Hi Jan,

      Just did a test with the URL from your email address (I’m assuming this is the URL you’re trying to check) and the tool analysed the page without any problems.
      So please give the tool another try..


      • Gloria


        I would like to count the words from our website to know how much would it cost to translate it from english to french. Can you tell me how can i do this with your software? I can see that it counts the body of a page..


        • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

          Hi Gloria,

          For now you have to enter all the URLs manually, but you can run them in batches of 10 at the time.

          Hope this helps you out.


  7. Pedro Costa

    Is there a way for the word counter to give me not only the number of words but also the most common keywords as well?


  8. Matthew

    Great tool. Would be cool if you could paste in some code or upload a HTML file.


  9. Cory Beevers

    Really awesome tool, unfortunately i have used all of my credit limit today ahaha. Definitely coming back tomorrow though to finish it off. Plus with this tool you get to check the most amount of webpages I’ve check 300 in total!

  10. Wayne

    Using bulk web page word counter reurns 404 error on site:

    • Admin

      Hey Wayne,

      Please try again. I just did some minor updates and the problem should be solved.

  11. Darryl

    Love the tool so far… quickly becoming one of my core audit pieces.. so thank you!

    One follow up question:
    I noticed you mentioned the https certificate issue in early april. Looks like as of today that problem is still happening in some cases. Any idea on when there might be a fix for that?

    • Admin

      Hey Darryl,

      Great to get feedback from a regular user!

      At the moment I haven’t received a specific date. But I’ll post an update as soon as possible.

    • Admin

      Hey Darryl,

      My hosting provider has solved the problem! So the tool should work like a charm ;-)

  12. Hilltop

    Hi there,

    I have tried using the word counter but it does not work. I have compared it to one or two other word counters out there and it is giving me the wrong word count.

    • Admin

      Hi Hilltop,

      Don’t be too quick to judge the results returned by this tool..
      Some reasons why the data from other tools aren’t corresponding with the results from this word count checker:

      • First of all, which metric are you comparing: Word count total, corrected word count or Anchor text words?
      • This tool preforms some advanced filtering (After extracting the content filters are used to remove: HTML markup, Symbols, Single letter words, Punctuation, Spaces).
        The filter is the most common reason why you get different results compared to other tools.

      Using these filters to calculate the word count numbers you get the most meaningful results to measure content quantity.    

  13. Admin

    Thanks to Emily, Ben and others,

    I was able to solve a common problem which occurred when the provided input didn’t matched the expected input. The tool is now able to detect these problems and give a nice response so you know which URL you should re-enter.

    New warning message:
    Warning: unable to process
    (Please check if you entered this URL correctly, without typo’s and including http:// or https:// …)

    After solving this problem another problem has caught my attention caused by https servers. This has probably something to do with the server set-up because when testing these domains locally the script didn’t encounter any problems.
    (I’m currently looking into this, if you have suggestions just let me know ;-)

    • Admin

      Just found out my server doesn’t supported some specific https certificates and contacted my hosting provider.
      They will fix this problem somewhere this month…

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