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Domain Age Checker

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Website age verification tool.

Use the bulk Domain Age Checker to discover the age of a specific URL or domain. With just a few clicks you can generate the domain age report for a single or group of domains.

Domain Age Checker

How to determine domain age?

In general there are two different approaches to measure the age of a domain: 1. you can look at the registry date of a domain, 2. you can look at the first time when a domain was discovered by search engines to determine the domain / website age. Because a former Google employee (Matt Cutts) explained that they look at the first crawl date to determine domain age and domain history. For this reason this tool also uses first crawl date to calculate domain and URL age metrics.

Is domain age a ranking factor?

The short answer is: NO. According to John Mueller, Search Advocate at Google, domain age isn’t considered as a ranking factor and doesn’t help your domain to collect more trust and authority.

Domain age

That being said, I think domain age is an important metric that can help you to put other SEO metrics into perspective, here are some examples:

A website has well over a 1000 pages indexed by Google and the website is less than <1 year old.
This should raise some questions about the type of pages that are index (should they be indexed in the first place?) or the quality of the content on the pages being indexed.

A website has earned 300 backlinks from unique domains.
If this is a 1 year old website that’s a pretty big accomplishment, but if it’s a 20 year old website it might not be that impressive.

A website has constantly published high quality content over a period of 5 years.
In most case when you put serious effort into producing quality content you’ll get rewarded. In addition it’s also a sign of trust if you’re are able to keep a high standard over longer period of time.

All the examples above are a bit exaggerate, but they do serve the purpose of making a clear point…

How to perform a website age check?

  • Enter a URL
  • Domain Age report includes
    • Website age (years, months)
    • URL age (years, months)
    • First crawl date domain
    • First crawl date URL
  • Domain and URL research options
    • Check Backlinks
    • Domain Authority
    • Perform SEO Check
    • Find organic competitors
    • Check search engine rankings

Website Age Checker

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