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Domain Rank Tracker

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Free domain Rank tracking tool.

UPDATE: now including 2x more data

Use the Domain Rank tracker to find those keywords that drive traffic to your website, or discover your competitors’ most important keywords and rankings.
Enter any URL and this tool returns the 50 most important keywords for the domain in Google search. The ranking report includes: Google Rankings, monthly search volume, keyword difficulty and Ranking changes.

Google Rank tracker

How to use the Google domain Rank checker?

Option 1. Track the rankings for your own website.

This first option is pretty obvious, higher rankings, mean more traffic. Keeping track of your website rankings on a regular basis is a smart thing to do, because you’re able to spot ranking changes and trends in an early stage. Even when you’re ranking for some pretty good keyword positions today, you need to keep in mind these rankings are not guaranteed. Every year Google launches multiple algorithm updates to perfect search results. These updates can have a big impact on your rankings (in both a positive or negative way). In addition your competition might also be trying to move ahead, by perfecting their authority, content and technical SEO.

For this reason the Google domain Rank checker not only shows your current rankings, but also ranking changes compared to previous dates.

Option 2. Perform competitor keyword research.

When you’re competing against some similar competitors in search, it can be very interesting to see for what keywords they are ranking. Compare these rankings to your own positions in search and see where you can improve. Is your competitor ranking for relevant keywords that you currently are not targeting? In that case it can be useful to create new content focused on these missing keywords and topics.

In addition to more traditional keyword research methods, directly learning from your competition can be a very effective approach.

Domain Rank Tracker report

Google Rank checker

These SEO metrics are gathered by this tool when performing a website ranking analysis.

Tool metrics

After analyzing the domain rankings, you can make an export of the results. The export includes some additional metrics on top of the results from the tool.

Export metrics

  • Keyword Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Keyword traffic percentage (compared to organic traffic total)

Google Rank report

Domain Rank checker settings

To make the results from the Domain rank checker as relevant and actionable as possible the output of the results is sorted based on estimated traffic impact of the keyword ranking (keyword traffic share). The keyword results are extracted from Google search found in the first 100 results for a specific search query. To make this rank checker useful for international SEO the tool supports 18 different languages.

What is Google SERP click distribution?

Based on the position your website ranks for in Google, you can make an estimation of the percentage of visitors that will click on your result. This table shows the estimated organic Click Trough Rate (CTR) for US visitors using Google on a desktop.

Source: Advanced Web Ranking – Click distribution research

Google PositionClick Trough Ratio

Google SERP CTR chart

Google Rank CTR

The Google SERP CTR estimates are to be used as in indication, because there are a lot of SERP features that can have a big impact on these averages. Some examples of search engines result page features that can have a noticeable impact on organic CTRs: Ads, Featured snippets, Knowledge panel, People also ask, Video’s…

And besides SERP features, search device, location and Search intend can have noticeable impact on organic CTR.

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