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What is Link Equity?

What are Equity Links? Equity links are value passing links: Followed links 301 permanent redirects. In other words, equity links are links that pass value from one page (Page A) to the other (Page B). Why are not all links, equity links? You can use different kind of techniques to prevent a link from passing value, or link …..

What are “Linking Root Domains”?

Linking Root Domains are the number of unique domains linking to your domain or page. Multiple backlinks from a single domain will be grouped and counted as a one linking root domain By filtering incoming links based on root domains, you get an accurate overview of your backlink profile.

What is Page authority?

Page authority is a metric, developed by SEOMoz, to predict the ability for a specific page to rank in search engines. Page authority uses a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale. A high Page authority score means your page has the potential to rank well in search engine results.

What is the value of pagerank?

PageRank is a metric, developed by Google, to score a specific page. In the past PageRank played an important role within the ranking algorithm of Google. PageRank is scored using a 0 to 10 logarithmic scale. Today the role of PageRank is far less significant, especially since Google PageRank updates are pretty scarce. A HIGH PageRank is still …..

Why do I need the Redirect checker?

The redirect tool performs these checks: Is an URL redirected? Yep, this URL is redirected. What HTTP status code is used for the redirect? What is the destination URL? Are there one or more redirects found (from input URL to destination URL)? Nope, no redirect found for this URL. Ok, just show me the HTTP status code

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