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Free AI Writing Tool - Discover how to write quality content with AI | Product Hunt

Free text generator – a Chat GPT powered AI tool.

The AI writing tool is a software application designed to help you create automated content utilizing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Submit your topic (this can be a single keyword or a describing sentence), select the preferred content type and use the additional options to create content that fits your needs. Some of the content types that you can create include a Blog article section, a How-to guide, an Expert review, a Recipe, a Product description and more…

AI writer

Use case example

The AI writing tool isn’t designed to create long form content out of the box especially because AI doesn’t perform that well when asked to do so with just a single command. By cutting up the prompt into multiple steps you can however create an blog post or long form article by providing the AI with highly detailed instructions. Here is a workflow example.

  • Start off with performing some basic keyword research, using the available keyword options.
  • Create a content outline with the help of the keywords from the previous step.
  • Adjust the content outline to your likings.
  • Enter each heading from the outline to create relevant and specific content sections.
  • Rewrite the content where needed.
  • Generate a Title tag for your article
  • And finally generate a Meta description

TIP: Use the AI Content Brief Generator to automate the first 3 steps of the suggested workflow.

Input options

The free AI content writer features 6 distinct input choices to aid in your writing process.

  • The Topic (this can be a single keyword or a describing sentence)
  • The content type
  • The output language selector
  • Related keywords to generate relevant content
  • 5 Title suggestions
  • Audience description field
  • And the creativity slider
TIP: Use the SEO Content Analysis tool to convert your content brief into a SEO friendly article

Content types

These are the content types that you can create with the AI writing tool

Content creation

  • Blog article section
  • News article section
  • Landing page section
  • How-to guide
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Expert review
  • Recipe
  • Product description
  • Product review

And additionally you have the ability to create writing inspiration (for example blog title ideas), SEO elements (think of keyword research) and Content elements (like FAQ, expert quotes and much more).

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