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Discover the most recent backlinks pointing to your domain.

To have a website that’s visible in the organic search results it’s very important to establish online authority. Search engines look at backlinks as votes from other websites (external domains) to yours. Both the number of backlinks and the quality of these links determine the authority of your website and it’s ability to rank for competitive search queries.

For this reason it’s important to regularly monitor your backlink profile to see the new links you have earned and lost over time. The Fresh backlink checker is designed to generate an overview of most recently discovered backlinks ordered by Page Authority. This way you can quickly track new backlinks and monitor how your backlink profile progresses over time.

Fresh backlink checker

What Google says about backlinks

John Mueller Google

We try to understand what is relevant for a website, how much should we weigh these individual links, and the total number of links doesn’t matter at all.

(Here you can watch the full Google hangout session:

John Mueller — Search Advocate at Google

Fresh Backlink metrics

  • Total number of New backlinks (limited to 1 backlink per domain).
  • Percentage of Follow backlinks.
  • The URL of the newly discovered backlink.
  • The anchor Text.
  • The authority of page linking to your domain.
  • The date (crawl date), to show you when this link was discovered.
    The crawl date should not be interpreted as the actual date the link has come online. Because crawling takes time, you should expect some delay between the actual publish date and crawl / discovery date.

TIP: Do you want to see the most important backlinks pointing to your site? Please use the Valuable backlink checker to see the results.

How to monitor your backlink profile?

When monitoring and reviewing your backlink profile you should first look at relevancy and quality of the incoming links. Simply because these carry the most wight and therefore can make a significantly impact on your rankings. Metrics like Page Authority, Anchor text and backlink growth should also be taking into account when interpreting / reviewing a backlink profile. Based on the polarity of your website, you can decide when and how often to run a fresh backlink report.

New backlinks

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Tool limitations

  • Because it takes time to crawl the web it’s normal to see some delay in the results from the Fresh Backlink checker. Especially for smaller sites it will take longer to be new links in comparison to high authority websites.
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