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Google Rank checker sheet

Rank checker Google sheets

Google SERP checker sheet

Use the Google rank checker sheet to check your organic search engine rankings, your competitors or to discover link building opportunities. Extract search engine rankings without having to perform a single search query. And because you’re using the SEO Review Tools API all queries are anonymous and non-personalized. This guarantees you’re getting an objective representation of the search engine results for a specific query.

Furthermore the spreadsheet supports 142 countries and 54 languages right out of the box, but if there is still a country or language missing you can manually add them to the settings page.

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SERP checker Google sheets

The “Google rank checker sheet” is a pre-programmed spreadsheet that connects with the SEO Review Tools SERP API. This means you can work with the API without any programming knowledge.

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How to use this sheet

View the sheet Make your copy

The first time you use the sheet

Please note that I will NOThave access to your account and you will be the owner of the script running in your account. Becuse the Google authorisation screens can look pretty intimidating ;-))

  • Google will ask for authorization, click “Continue”
  • Select the account you want to use
  • Google will show the “Google hasn’t verified this app” message, click “advanced”
  • Click “Go to ImportJSON (unsafe)”.
  • On the “ImportJSON wants to access your Google Account”, click “Allow”

If you have any additional question or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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