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Internal Link Analyzer

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On-page link checker tool.

Internal links overview

Use the internal link analyzer tool to analyze the links search engine spiders can detect on a specific page of your website. Search engines, spider links to index and determine the structure of a website and the relation between pages. The link analyzer tool checks:

  • The Total number of links found on your page.
  • The number +percentage of external and Internal links (links pointing to subdomains are counted as internal links)
  • Anchor type (Text link / Image link / Mixed link).
  • The link type (Internal link / external link / subdomain).
  • The number +percentage of Duplicate links.
  • The number of links with an empty anchor.
  • The number of image links without an Alt tag.
  • The number of no-followed links.

TIP: now also available as API end-point →

Internal links detailed results

Internal links details

Duplicate links tab

Duplicate links checker


The internal link analyzer is able to recognize subdomains and treads them as internal links. If a link points to a subdomain this will be visible under link type “subdomain”. Watch the video from, Google’s web engineer, Matt Cutts regarding the use of subdomains.

Best practices internal links

  • Number of links: Back in 2008, Matt Cutts (head of Google’s Webspam team) recommended limiting the number of links to a maximum of 100 links per page. Today (since 2013) Matt Cutts explained having more then 100 links per page isn’t an issue, and this limitation is dropped from Google Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Duplicate links: Try to limit the number of duplicate links. If you get a high percentage of duplicate links (>50%) you’re not spreading your link strength effectively.
Oli Gardner

Oli Gardner featured the Internal Link Checker as part of his presentation: at INBOUND
“a machine learning algorithm will analyze your unpublished page before it’s even seen any traffic.”

Oli Gardner — Co-founder Unbounce


  • Advanced Search and Filter options
  • Improved link classification when the input URL is a subdomain.
  • Improved http and https support.
  • CSV export option

Internal link report filter options.

You can now use the filter function to sort link types and search for specific URLs or link text using the input fields.

Here are some of the available filter operators:

  • Find a range of values between - or to
  • Wildcard for a single, non-space character. ?
  • Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters. *

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42 thoughts on “Internal Link Analyzer

  1. Jasja ter Horst (admin)


    • The Internal Link Checker tool now also reports duplicate links in a separate tab, so it’s easier to solve possible internal link structure issues.
  2. Habetdin

    Service shows links like // as internal, while it’s external links with protocol omitted

  3. Jonathan

    So you are saying if I have 1000 comment and meaning x2 which is 2000 comments only in the comment section, then it’s an issue because it is over 250.

    • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

      Hey Jonathan,

      It’s a good point.. I’ll put it on my to-do-list, because the results will indeed improve when internal anchor links are removed from the total link count.

  4. Jonathan

    So why are you including threaded comment or links with the # value on the same page.

    I checked my website and got much more of this link because of the comments. Does google counts these as internal links – if not why include it.

    This are links to help with navigation.

    Also my comments also have links on the date.. I am considering removing this. this links are some do-follow but link just to same page.

  5. huma

    I would like to know how much sites receive links from my website

  6. Matt

    ‘Hi, glad I googled “check internal links anchors” and found this awesome tool, it’s just saved me a lot of time, I just wish it could crawl additional pages of the site! Thanks

    • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

      Hey Matt,
      Thanks for the feedback!

      Transforming this tool into a crawler isn’t on my to-do-list for now, because it will take to many resources and server load…

  7. wayne

    This is an awesome tool that you’ve made available. It helped me a lot without paying some premium membership fees that one cannot afford.

  8. Sumra

    I am using table of content plugin for my WordPress site so it creates lots of # links as heading of my site so it will be dangerous for my site to have links with # tag or not.

    Kindly reply

    • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

      Hey Sumra,

      Apologies for the late reply.

      The situation you’re talking about is perfectly fine and won’t hurt your rankings.
      A table of content improves the accessibility of your content and Google likes / rewards good user experience

  9. Streborfzc

    Hi. I’m having problems running internal link checker on a few sites I’m interested in, and the following error is reported:
    Unable to check URL, status code: 500 Internal Server Error

    I have no problem checking a number of other sites, including my own.

    • Admin

      Hi, Thanks for pointing out this problem. I’ll have a closer look at it and when I’ve found the solution, I’ll post an update.

  10. Phenix


    I would like to know if my site got this results out of your tool

    Number of duplicate 35 – (47%) of Total links

    Do I need to give attention to this ?
    and one more thing can I get to know which are these duplicate links ?

    Thank You

    • Admin

      Hey Phenix,

      The tool performs a duplicate link count check but it doesn’t return the specific duplicate URLs. The easiest way to find these URLs is to run the tool, export the results to Excel and use filters to search for duplicates.

      Check out this video by Matt Cutts for more background information and the priority you should give to this issue

  11. Michael Moody

    2 questions:

    – When you refer to “duplicate links”, are you referring to the number of times a link is duplicated on a specific page of a site or on the entire site?

    – I have many duplicate links (1476). At the same time, my site also functions as a blog with over a 100 pages of posts. Should I still be concerned with the duplicate links considering that I have a blog on my site and I will naturally duplicate several links?

    Thanks for your time!

    • Admin

      Hey Michael,

      • The duplicate links returned by this tool are all found on a single page
      • This is a pretty high number 1476 duplicate links and in your case this means almost 90% of the links found on the homepage are duplicate links.
        • To get a better internal link structure I would limit the number of links per page to an maximum of 1000 per page (less would be even better).
        • Limit the times you link to the same URL: ?tag=Chicago+personal+training (currently 11 times), /personalfitnesstrainerchicago (currently 11 times), etc

      Success with your site!

  12. jeewan garg

    I have set the preferred domain in Google Webmasters Tool, Still getting the issue of duplicate links How to rectify it.

    • Admin

      Hi Jeewan,

      I’ve checked your site and the internal links checker returns 11 duplicate links (24% of Total links). This isn’t an issue because it isn’t a very high percentage and the duplicate links found are hash (#) links.

      You also mention Google Webmaster Tools but I can’t see a direct relation between the two tools in this case. Maybe you can specify your question a bit further.

      I hope this answers you question.

      • jeewangarg

        1.Thank you for fast reply. My concern is that how these url has been created. I have not created it , does it has been created automatically

        2. How Can delete it.

        3. How can i make sure in future these type of url can not be created automatically.

        • Admin

          Hi Jeewan,

          As mentioned in the previous reaction. The duplicate link count isn’t a problem in you case. This tool doesn’t detect duplicate URLs but multiple links pointing to the same URL instead. And in your case it’s a hash (without a hash fragment) which isn’t an URL parameter search engine use for their index. More information about this subject, when using ajax:

          To find out if your site is generating multiple indexable URLs with the same content you can have a look at the duplicate content checker:

          To find out how these URLs are generated, please post a question at a forum related to the CMS or theme you’re using…

  13. ERBrains

    Do Duplicate links reduce your ranking?

    • Admin

      Hi ER Brains,

      No, duplicate links aren’t directly related to rankings. If you get a high percentage of duplicate internal links you should have a closer look and ask yourself these questions:

      – Are these duplicate links necessary? (A small percentage is very common and doesn’t need any further investigation).
      – Should I be linking to some other relevant internal pages, instead of linking multiple times to the same URL form the particular page?

      All links on a page transfer value by linking to other internal and external pages. You should link to important relevant pages to optimize your internal link structure. A well designed structure can have a positive influence on rankings.

  14. Santosh Jena

    Is there any way to export all the links in excel file?

    • Admin

      Hi Santosh Jena,

      You can use the export button ;-)

  15. Audrey

    Are you aware of any actual language from Google saying they will penalize sites with 250+ internal links? My home page,, currently has a crapload: 522.

    • Admin

      Hi Audrey,

      Google has removed the max 100 links per page advice from their Guidelines. This tool displays a warning when 250+ links are returned for a single page, so you can check if all these links are truly necessary.

      In many cases it’s advised to limit the number of links per page, and thereby only pass link value to related and important pages to generate a strong and effective internal link structure.

      The 250 number is used as an indicator and Google won’t use these numbers to penalize a website.

  16. Brahmadas

    When I check one of my client websites in this tool, it shows 40 duplicate links.
    Does this means these links point to the same URL or does this mean the anchor text is found multiple times?

    • Admin

      Hey Brahmadas,

      The duplicate link notification refers to the number of links pointing to one or more URLs found multiple times on the page.

    • Admin

      Hi Beulah,

      Thanks for your reaction. The number of internal links returned by this tools (103) for your web page is correct. This is the total number of internal links found on this specific page.

      Based on your comment I assume you’re referring to external links pointing to your page / domain. To retrieve this information use one of these tools:

  17. Admin


    • Based on the latest comments by Matt Cutts the link count warning for this tool is set to trigger at +250 internal links. This still isn’t a hard number but it’s a pretty good indication.
  18. Admin


    • The tool is now able to recognize subdomains
    • A small bug fix related to determine link type when “www and none-www” are both used on a single page
    • Simon


      First of all, thanks for the amazing tool.

      I analyzed my internal links for the https version of my website (http currently redirects to https at server level). For some reason all https links show as subdomain links and not internal links even though I analyzed the https version. One of the links was left to the http version and the tool treated it as an internal link. I think it should have been the opposite – http links as subdomains and https links as internals, since I am analyzing the https version.

      I do not know whether this is a bug on your end or something’s wrong on my end. Feel free to send me an email and I will be happy to give more information.



      • Jasja ter Horst (admin)

        Hey Simon,

        Thanks for pointing out this issue. I solved the problem, so now the links are classified as internal links (as they should be.. ;-)
        In addition I think the http version should count as internal even when your input is https and it would be nice to trigger a warning when this situation occurs.

        (Added this latest feature to my to-do-list)


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