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Keyword Difficulty API

Use the keyword difficulty to check how strong the competition is in Google search for a specific search term. The keyword difficulty metric is measured based on a 0 – 100 logarithmic scale. A keyword difficulty score of 0 being a keyword that’s relatively easy to rank for and a 100 score aligning with keywords that are really competitive.

keyword difficulty  API

To measure keyword difficulty the API analyses the results from the top 10 organic results in Google to determine how hard it is to compete with these domains. Get real-time keyword difficulty scores returned in JSON format. Visit the API documentation page for more technical details, including: JSON sample response, parameters, and code examples.

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API Tasks & localized data

Use the keyword difficulty score to pick the right keywords for your content creation strategy. Don’t waste time and effort by only chasing high volume keywords, but make a balanced decision utilizing the organic keyword difficulty score.

To get accurate keywords statistics for your location and language the keyword API supports 48K+ specific locations, 190 countries and 45 languages.

How to use the API

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Pricing plans

Pricing for the keyword API starts at $75 USD p/ month.

API PlanPricing
API Lite$75 /month
API Standard$175 /month
API Advanced$450 /month

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