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Keyword Sourcer

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The free Keyword extraction tool.

When you’re performing keyword research there are probably a lot of different keyword sources you want explore. The largest and most valuable sources for getting long-tail keyword ideas include, Google search, YouTube, Wikipedia, Synonyms, eBay, Bing and Amazon. Extracting and combining keywords from all these different sources can be a bit of a pain. It just takes a lot of time, even when you’re using different tools to do the manual work for you. For this reason I decided to develop the “Keyword sourcer”.

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Keyword Sources

How does the Keyword sourcer work?

Enter your main focus keyword and the tool will extract keyword data from 7 different sources with just a single mouse click. All data is collected automatically and grouped by source. This gives you an overview of keyword combinations that are popular and used by most users across platforms. After generating the keyword report, you have the possibility to quickly select the most relevant keyword selections and copy the results, export the keywords to Excel or perform further in-depth research (get search volume, rankings or content ideas). In addition the report will include the search popularity graph based on Google Trends data including data from the past 12 months.

Keyword Sourcer

Keyword sourcer features

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