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AI & Big Data Expo Global / London 2021 – 20% Discount

Visit the AI & Big Data Expo global Conference 2021 edition in London

SEO Review Tools is proud to be partnering with the AI & Big Data Expo 2021 Conference series. For you this means we can offer you an 20% discount on your tickets.

During this 2 day event you can expect a showcase of next generation technologies and Artificial Intelligence / Big Data strategies.
Just a small sample of the sessions you can expect at The AI & Big Data Expo:

  • Artificial Intelligence: State of the Union, the road ahead and how we can adapt
  • Teaching an autonomous vehicle to navigate better than a human
  • Beyond the Hype: Can Big Data and NLP add value for Investors
  • Machine Learning is not the software you know
  • And much more interesting stuff!!

Some of the speakers who you can see live

  • Barbara Fusinka, Machine Learning / Strategic Cloud Engineering Manager – Google
  • Sarah Moore, Data Intelligence Director – Sky
  • Errol Koolmeister, Head of AI Technology – H&M
  • James Bell, Head of AI and Machine Learning – Dow Jones
  • And many more….

Who should visit?

Developers & designers, Chief data officers, Data scientists, Brand managers, and of course all of you (not fitting in the previous mentioned boxes, but) interested in Artificial intelligence and Big data.

Get your tickets today and use our discount code to save 20%!


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