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ContentTECH 2019 Conference – San Diego April 8-10, April

Visit ContentTECH to learn how to utilize new technologies.

Find out how content marketing, technology, consumption and strategy will change over the next 2 – 5 years. Be ready for what is coming and be the first to adapt new strategies and implement technical improvements to provide your customers with better digital experiences.

At ContentTECH 2019 in San Diego you only get the best Tips, Tactics and Strategies when it comes to Content, content marketing and Technology.

Just a small sample of the sessions and topics you can expect at ContentTECH :

  • Analytics: 9 Tips for Setup, Analytics and Team Collaboration
  • Automation and Creative Aren’t Enemies: Structuring Great Marketing Content for Scalability and Personalization
  • From Tech Chaos to Content Coordination: Organizing for Success in the Enterprise
  • How Neural Networks Enable Computers to Think Like Us
  • Content Management & Measurement

Some of the speakers who you can see live:

  • Val Swisher (Content Rules, Inc.)
  • Jenny Magic (Convince & Convert)
  • James Mathewson (IBM)
  • Anna McHugh (Red Hat)
  •  Megan Golden(Global content marketing LinkedIn)
  • And many more Content Experts….

Why attend ContentTECH ?

Checkout this video to get a great impression an introduction to the event.


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