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Conversion Elite 2018 London – 15% discount – 6TH JUNE

About Conversion Elite 6th June London

This is the third event in the CONVERSION ELITE series. Our speakers are the elite of the CRO industry, the attendees are intermediary to advanced level, with the majority either decision makers or influencers. If you want to improve your skills and knowledge, discover the best online optimisation tools and become a finely tuned CRO machine then Conversion Elite is for you.
CONVERSION ELITE is a day of learning and knowledge sharing that creates some serious ROI for people in CRO.


  • CXO Customer eXperience Optimisation
  • ML in optimisation
  • Optimisation Growth
  • Persuasion Psychology
  • Analytics – identifying and forecasting testing opportunity


 Here’s the twist.
On the same day, at the same venue, the Search Elite conference will be taking place in the auditorium next door. At the end of the Conversion Elite programme you will join forces with the Search Elite audience to learn how SEO and CRO can and should work together. You’ll discover how SEO  & CRO can team up, how blending the two opens up powerful opportunities and the marketing edge this gives a business.
This SEO/CRO session will open with a lively panel debate created and hosted by Search Elite adviser Jono Alderson.
Tickets are £297 + VAT

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