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Marketing Analytics Summit in Las Vegas, 2020 – 15% Discount Code

Marketing Analytics Summit 2020 in Las Vegas.

Marketing has changed since the days of Mix Modeling and Market Research. The digital world gave us new, dynamic data sets, and new tools to measure and optimize marketing efforts. Now, as we enter the world of Machine Learning, the spirit of mutual assistance and encouragement remains the core principle of this event.

Checkout the agenda to get an impression of what to expect from the Marketing Analytics Summit 2020 in Las Vegas.

Speakers include (2019) 2020 is coming soon..

  • Rand Fishkin – Founder, SparkToro
  • Kendell Timmers – VP of Advertising Analytics, New York Times
  • Kamelia Aryafar Ph.D – Chief Algorithms Officer,
  • Mary Owusu – Vice President, Analytics and SEO, Mower
  • ​Shubhra Srivastava – Vice President, Global Data Solutions for Telco & Tech, Mastercard
  • And many more expert speakers..

Just a sample of the  2019 sessions:

  • Experiment Driven Culture: AI and Machine Learning in E-Commerce
  • The One-Page Marketing Success Plan
  • The Four Horsemen of the Web Marketing Apocalypse
  • Actionable Insights from Voice of Customer – Speech and Text Analytics
  • Navigating the Analytics, Statistics, Econometrics, Mix Modeling, & Data Science Landscape

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