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Search Marketing Expo – SMX London 2019 – 15% Discount

SMX, the biggest Search Marketing Conference Series worldwide is coming to London.

SMX London kicks-off on 21th of May with 2 days of simultaneously sessions, so no matter if you’re just new to SEO or already an SEO veteran.
After 2 days of SEO and SEM knowledge consuming, you’re guaranteed to leave with practical tips and techniques to immediately improve your search marketing efforts.

Checkout the agenda to get an impression of what to expect from SMX London 2019

Speakers include

  • Barry Schwartz – News Editor, Search Engine Land, RustyBrick, @rustybrick
  • Arsen Rabinovich – Founder/Director of SEO, LLC, @tophatarsen
  • Aleyda Solis – International SEO Consultant, Orainti, @aleyda
  • Fili Wiese – SEO Expert, SearchBrothers, @filiwiese
  • Brad Geddes – Co-Founder, AdAlysis, @bgTheory

Just a sample of the sessions you can expect, arranged by topic:
(The SMX agenda is created by the editors of Search Engine Land)


  • Creating Blockbuster Content
  • The Most Common SEO Mistakes, And How to Fix Them
  • Meet The Search Engines
  • SEO Success Without Link Building


  • Better Together: Search and Social
  • Faceoff: Adwords, Linkedin & Twitter Compared

Paid Search

  • Amazing Paid Search Tactics & Tools
  • Deep Dive: Ad Bidding Strategies & Bid Modifiers
  • Taking Retargeting To The Next Level

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