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Mobile Friendly Test [Data by Google].

The Mobile Friendly Testing tool is powered by the official Google mobile friendly testing platform, to help you to test and make sure your website is technically optimized for mobile.

Why is a mobile friendly website important?

Because most people are searching on Google with a mobile device. For this reason Google introduced their mobile-first indexing strategy. On September 2020 Google will switch from primarily desktop indexing to mobile-first indexing for all websites. This means Google uses the mobile version of a website to build their indexing and for ranking. Almost all crawling will be done with Google smartphone user agent (here you can have an overview of all Google user agents). To summarize, having your website optimized for mobile is essential to perform well in the Google search results.

How to perform a Mobile friendly test?

Mobile Friendly Test

  • Enter the URL you want to test for mobile accessibility.
  • Hit the “Perform SEO scan” button.
  • Get the results from the official Google Mobile friendly testing procedure.
    There are 2 types of results returned by the tool:
    • The page is mobile friendly.
    • The page is not mobile friendly.
  • Use the outcome of the mobile testing report to optimize your website.

Additional SEO checks you probably like to perform..

The results from the Google SEO audit will help you to understand the on-page basics. To fully analyse how well a website is optimized for search, I recommend you to also have a look at these tools:

The Mobile Friendly Test Report

Mobile Friendly analysis

The automated mobile friendly analysis is performed based on 9 possible technical mobile accessibility factors.

  • Unknown rule. Sorry, we don’t have any description for the rule that was broken.
  • Plugins incompatible with mobile devices are being used.
  • Viewport is not specified using the meta viewport tag.
  • Viewport defined to a fixed width.
  • Content not sized to viewport.
  • Font size is too small for easy reading on a small screen.
  • Touch elements are too close to each other.
  • Font size is too small for easy reading on a small screen.
  • Touch elements are too close to each other.

Mobile friendly best practices.

Based on Google’s SEO starters guide, here are some examples and guidelines to help you create a Google-friendly website.


  • Make sure Google can access and is able to render your content.
    • Give Google access to all your resources it needs to visually render your website.
    • Use the same robots directives for mobile and desktop.
    • Make sure Google has access to video and images that are loaded using lazy loading technology.
  • Make sure that your website contains the same content on mobile and desktop.
  • Make sure that your website contains the same structured data on mobile and desktop.
  • Use identical metadata for mobile and desktop.
  • Make use of Responsive Web Design to give both desktop and mobile visitors the best user experience.

To Avoid

  • Blocking JavaScript, CSS and image files.
  • Slow loading pages.
  • Serving different content to mobile and desktop users.

Further reading:

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