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Privacy policy SEO Review Tools

SEO Review Tools is privately owned by me (jasja ter Horst) and located in the Netherlands at the Sloep 10 in Zuidhorn. To store date I use European an US located servers.

Type of personal data I collect depending on subscription etc.

  • User based information: Personal name, company name, username, passwords, email address, location and payment information.
  • For tracking I store: Google Analytics data, Clicky statistics and additional user specific information like: cookies, browser, IP, etc.
  • Domain, keyword and other website specific statistics.

I collect this data to make my service publicly available and to make technical stuff function properly. You have every right to request or delete your personal data available at SEO Review Tools. Just send me an email and after verification you can get full access. In addition I use affiliate programs and third party advertising to make SEO Review Tools profitable. This means when you click on an affiliate link referrer data will be passed to an third party to enable tracking. The quantity of data I share with third parties is kept to an absolute minimum.

Newsletter and mailings

I use my newsletter to inform my community about updates, new tools, news, articles and commercial content. Mailings can also be complemented by third party content, but the focus is always my own content.

  • The newsletter is based on an active opt-in principle, so you don’t subscribe by accident.
  • You can unsubscribe from the mailing-list by all times.

Data protection

I do all it takes to keep you and your data save. And keeping your data save is a high priority to me, as well as keeping my site secure.

Third party data sharing

  • I don’t share personal contact information with third parties.
  • Website and keyword statistics will only be shared under specific conditions and be anonymised where possible.

Storage period

Data will be stored as long as necessary to make the services and products I provide available.

If you have any questions or remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Go to the contact form

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