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Progressive Web App (PWA) Audit.

With the PWA testing tool you can perform an automated PWA analysis powered by the official Google Lighthouse software. See how well your website meets the technical requirements to be served as a Progressive Web App.

PWA Testing Tool

Progressive Web App checklist

The PWA testing tool performs a review of your website based on a 14 point checklist.

  • Fast and reliable
    • Page load is not fast enough on mobile networks
    • Page responds with a 200 when offline
    • start_url responds with a 200 when offline
  • Installable
    • Uses HTTPS
    • Registers a service worker that controls page and start_url
    • Web app manifest meets the installability requirements
  • PWA Optimized
    • Redirects HTTP traffic to HTTPS
    • Configured for a custom splash screen
    • Sets a theme color for the address bar.
    • Content is sized correctly for the viewport
    • Has a <meta name=”viewport”> tag with width or initial-scale
    • Contains some content when JavaScript is not available
    • Provides a valid apple-touch-icon
    • Manifest has a maskable icon

What is PWA?

PWA is short for Progressive Web App. A Progressive Web App is a websites that use modern web technology (Service Workers), so it acts just like a native app on your phone. This means a PWA is capable of sending push notifications, available when you’re offline and installable. Some other big advantages of PWAs, they work on your phone and desktop, they are SEO-friendly and you don’t have to download them from the Google or Apple App store.


The differences between Native App, Responsive Website and Progressive Web App

Native AppResponsive WebsiteProgressive Web App
Functions offlineyesnoyes
Push notificationsyesnoyes
Installable to home Screenyesnoyes
Full-screen experienceyesnoyes
Indexable by search enginesnoyesyes
Available cross-platformnoyesyes
No download requirednoyesyes
Doesn’t require updatesnoyesyes

External resources

  • An introduction to Progressive Web Apps by Google.
  • Documentation by Mozilla, with more background on “How to make PWAs installable”, “Making PWAs work offline with Service workers”, and a full “PWA developer guide”.
  • And finally Google’s Progressive Web Apps Training, learn everything you need to know about “Service Workers”, “Working with the Fetch API” and “E-Commerce and PWA”.

Google SEO advice for PWA

Indexing your PWA (Discoverability & SEO) – Progressive Web App Training

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