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Rank Checker API

Get access to real-time ranking data with the SEO Review Tools rank tracker API. The API returns data in JSON format which can be used to power your own tools, enrich dashboards or load data into spreadsheets.

Rank tracking API

Supported SERP features include:

  • Organic and paid results
  • Answer box
  • Featured snippets
  • Google reviews
  • Knowledge graph
  • Local pack
  • People also ask
  • Related searches
  • Shopping

Get live search engine rankings returned in JSON format.

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Ranking data sources

  • Google search results
    • Mobile and desktop
    • News
    • Images
    • Maps
  • Bing search results
    • Mobile and desktop
  • get data from 174 countries and 45 languages.


Possible tasks to perform with the SEO Keyword API.

  • Keyword rank tracking, monitor the rankings of your website or your competitors.
  • Data extraction, extract questions and related keywords directly from the SERP .
  • Marketing research, discover industry trends based on shifts in keyword search volume.

Rank checker API + Google sheets

SEO Review Tools API Discover how to use the SEO Review Tools Rank checker API together with Google sheets.

Google sheets API connector

Pricing plans

Pricing for the keyword API starts at $75 USD p/ month.

API PlanPricing
API Lite$75 /month
API Standard$175 /month
API Advanced$450 /month

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Use the SEO Ranking API to build your own white label SEO Report, Dashboards or Tools. Fast, Reliable and Easy to use (including code examples).

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