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HTTP header check.

The redirect checker enables you to check if an URL / Page is redirected. If this is the case the redirect tools will displays the HTTP status code and the destination URL.

Why is the data from the redirect checker interesting?

First of all, It’s important to know if a page is redirected. When this is the case, you like to know the destination URL and the HTTP status code used for the redirect.


  • This URL is redirected to the right destination URL.
  • The right status code is used for this redirect.
    • Permanent redirect = 301 (will pass authority)
    • Temporary redirect = 302 (won’t pass authority)
  • There no extra, unnecessary, redirects found.

Example #1

You have moved an article from your blog to your news section and by doing this the URL has changed.
A permanent redirect with a 301 status code is recommended. Because it tells search engines they should index the new URL. And at the same time pass the existing authority from the old to the new URL.

Example #2

You need to temporary redirect… (can’t think of any situation, but it’ s useful to know the difference).
A temporary redirect with a 302 status code is recommended. Because it tells search engines they should NOT index the new URL, and keep the original URL in the index. No existing authority will be passed from the old to the new URL.

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