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Use the SEO API to build your own white label SEO Report, Dashboards or Tools. Fast, Reliable and Easy to use, including code examples.

The different API end-points are all based on the individual tools running on SEO Review Tools and have therefore been tested by 4,000,000+ users. This ensures you’re collecting data from a trusted source and a server that’s build to stand the pressure.

What can you do with the SEO Review Tools API:

  • Build your own SEO Tools for internal or external usage.
  • Use the API to perform content analysis and generate keyword suggestions.
  • Integrate the data into your SEO Dashboards (this can be a custom dashboard, Google Spreadsheets, Excel or a Dashboard created in Google Data Studio).
  • Build your own real-time SEO audit Tool.


Tools you can access with the API:

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SEO API JSON response example

(This example shows you the data you get when requestion the Word Count for an URL)
{"status":"ok","result":2,"data":{"tool name":"Word count","data":[{"Input URL":"http:\/\/\/seo-competitor-research-tool\/","Word count total":"873","Corrected word count":"672","Anchor text words":"201","Anchor Percentage":"23"}]}}
# API request failed
{"status":"error","error message":"
# API request success

Your Benefits

  • Get real-time results from the API.
  • You get personal support, I’m your technical support guy!
  • Get accurate results.
  • Get access to a scalable data platform.
  • All data is transferred over a secure connection.
  • Simple and straightforward pricing plans.

API Documentation

View the full API documentation and PHP code examples in: Google Spreadsheets

api spreadsheet

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What other say..

Neil Patel

I’ve worked with Jasja twice. He creates bug-free code and delivers on time. In addition to that, he also provides valuable feedback which has helped us build a better product.
We typically have Jasja work on projects related to our marketing funnel where we have to scrape websites and leverage API technologies.

Neil Patel — Entrepreneur, influencer & digital marketer

Jasja is unlike any SEO provider out there because he actually cares to listen to what your business needs specifically, and creates solutions quickly which are reliable and useful. As the founder of Koala Rank I’ve been working directly with Jasja to create API endpoints that would allow us to fetch data from his tools and fill in the gaps directly in our project management tool — Airtable. This allowed us to reduce the time we spend Googling and increase the output of content ideas that we produce for customers on a weekly basis. I would highly recommend working with Jasja and SEO Review Tools if you are serious about your content and SEO efforts.

Arrigo Lupori — Founder, Koala Rank

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