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Use SEO API to build your own white label SEO Report, Dashboards or Tool. Fast, Simple and Easy to use. Including PHP examples. I’ve converted the tools I’m running on SEO Review Tools into individual SEO APIs to improve the flexibility of my own tools and to offer SEO data to external users. Are you an agency, Freelancer, or SEO consultant in need of accurate SEO data? Contact me and will figure out a solution specifically designed for your needs.

The data you get from the SEO API is returned in JSON format. Most developers are pretty well know with this way to exchanging data between a browser and a server. And in the case you’re not a developer I’ve added a PHP code example to get your on your way. To complex? maybe the SEO embed option suits your needs (you just copy-past some code and your done!)

What can you do with the SEO Review Tools API:

  • Build your own SEO Tools for internal or external usage.
  • Integrate the data into your SEO Dashboards (this can be a custom dashboard, Google Spreadsheets, Excel or a Dashboard created in Google Data Studio).
  • Build your own real-time SEO audit Tool and use it for lead generation.


Tools you can access with the API:

  • Full SEO analysis
    • SEO Audit tool – Perform a full website SEO Audit (including all tools in this list).
  • SEO Content tools
  • Technical SEO Tools
    • Website load time – Get the official Google Site Speed score for any website.
    • AMP – See if a webpage is optimized for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
    • Bulk meta robots – Extra the robots.txt URL for any give website.
    • Internal Link – Extra the number of internal, external and duplicate links found on a specific page.
    • Canonical – Extra the canonical URL for any given URL based on the canonical tag or canonical Header
  • Social media tools
    • Facebook – Extra the number of shares a specific page has on Facebook.
    • Pinterest – Extra the number of shares a specific page has on Pinterest.

SEO API JSON response example

(This example shows you the data you get when requestion the Word Count for an URL)

{"status":"ok","result":2,"data":{"tool name":"Word count","data":[{"Input URL":"http:\/\/www.seoreviewtools.com\/seo-competitor-research-tool\/","Word count total":"873","Corrected word count":"672","Anchor text words":"201","Anchor Percentage":"23"}]}}

API request failed

{"status":"error","error message":"

API request success


API Documentation

View the full API documentation and PHP code examples: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1voup0KxtF8xf_sQd5nRmkL8ERdjL7Z9YfJ6AdKDQDXc/edit?usp=sharing

api spreadsheet

Get your private API Key

Please contact me to get your own API key an a quote depending of the number of API credits you need.

Start building some great stuff!

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