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SEO Competitor Research & Analysis Tool.

Update: Report now includes 5 competitors and in-depth analysis options

Find out who are your biggest organic search competitors with this competitor research tool. Select your target country and enter the URL of your website and the tool will automatically analyse the competitors who are also ranking for your most important keywords. Based on the number keywords you have in common, your top 5 competitors in Google are selected and returned.

The information you can find in your competitor report:

  • Top 5 organic competitors in Google.
  • Country specific organic Search Traffic estimates.
  • The number of common Keywords.

seo competitor analysis

In-depth competitor analysis

  • Based on this information you can quickly perform a competitor analysis. Hit the “Research” button and select > Backlink tool to perform a backlink analysis on domain or page level, to see why your competitor is doing so well in search. This information can be vital when you’re working on improving your own backlink profile.
  • You can also select the Website authority checker, in the drop-down menu, to get a nice overall analysis of the your competitor, including: Domain Authority score (DA), Page Authority score (PA), Social media popularity and website age.
  • Select the option to perform a full SEO audit to find out more about what your competitor is doing technically and content wise to perform well in Google.
  • The core focus of this tool is to generate a SEO competition overview report based on the SEMrush API. If you need more information, for example your competitors actual organic and paid keyword, you can select the Uncover all metrics button. This link will refer you directly to the domain specific report tab.

Country support

This tool is able to generate a Google search competition report for these countries: United states, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, Norwegian, Sweden and Russia.

Is there a Google country missing from this list? Add your request to the comment section..

Integrated SEO Tools

  • Detailed traffic report, get a detailed breakdown of all website traffic by source (organic, paid, referral, social and direct).
  • Domain organic keywords, discover the most important organic keywords that drive traffic to a domain.
  • Paid competitors, see who is competing with you in the paid search results
  • Backlink checker, uncover all backlinks pointing to a specific page or to the full domain.
  • Perform SEO audit, Perform a full single page SEO analysis (including Domain Authority score, Backlinks, Traffic estimate and technical recommendations).
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6 thoughts on “SEO Competitor Checker

  1. Jasja ter Horst (admin)


    • More results (form 3 => 5 competitors)
    • Additional research options, including: Detailed traffic report, Domain organic keywords, and Paid competitor analysis
  2. Remi

    Hi, how do I check my competitors when my site is not ranking for any keywords?

  3. Mohini

    Hey, please let me know what parameters I should keep in mind to beat my competitor in search.

  4. gregstoffels

    Please let me if you can you include New Zealand in the Google search filters, as I would love to include the tool as a recommendation when I speak to groups, or students. thanks

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