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SEO Content Analysis API

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Find out how well a webpage is optimized for SEO.

Version 5.0 is here introducing Custom settings, Excludes and Integrated Google helpful content checklist: Discover the Content Optimization API →

Connect with the SEO Content Analysis API and you are able to provide real-time SEO insights for your clients. You can supply the API with a public URL to analyse or you can post post your content in JSON format (in case you need to analyse a private document). This allows the API to both analyse already published content or content from a closed environment like a CMS or content creation platform.

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The algorithm behind the API

Base on the focus keyword, the algorithm analyses the content and calculates the SEO score using intelligent keyword recognition and processing. During this process the different SEO Content elements are weighted based on impact and scored accordingly. The API returns a percentage to indicate the overall content optimization grade for search. In addition each individual element score is returned including actionable real-time feedback to help the user improving their content.

How this API can help you improve your product?

For all content publishers and content creating environments, whether your a News site, E-commerce site or Service based platform, search engine optimization and content marketing are essential when it comes to generating online exposure. Even when it comes to landing page optimization for paid campaigns, keyword usage and document structure are key factors to match search intend and to improve Quality Score. Year over year serps are getting more competitive and only top quality content makes it to the top.

The API is designed to provide developers with a robust platform independent content analysis solution. Suitable for content creation platforms, tools, SEO dashboards and other content focussed applications.

The benefits

  • The SEO Content Analysis API is a robust well tested API which has already proven itself.
  • The JSON response format makes easy to implement.
  • The API is frequently updated accordingly to the latest developments in Search.
  • You’re able to provide your users with vital insights when it comes to creating search engine friendly content.

API input formats

The API accepts two types of input:

Output format

The API returns the result in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format, making it easy for third party applications to parse.


[Example what you can do with the API]

SEO Content Score API

Multiple platforms, including our own tools are already running on the SEO Content Analysis API. To see some of them in action, please have a closer look at the SEO Content Score Checker or the online SEO Content editor.

API Features

These features are all part of the Content Analysis API:

  • Over optimization / keyword stuffing detection
  • Title tag analysis
  • Meta description analysis
  • URL input analysis
  • Content length analysis
  • Keyword usage
  • Internal and external link usage
  • Image analysis
  • HTML heading (H1 – H6) analysis
  • Topic relevance analysis based on related keywords
  • Integrated Google helpful content checklist

API Documentation

Have a look at the API documentation including a PHP code example to see how you can implement the SEO Content API.

API Credits and Pricing

Get an API key and a quote based on the number of API credits you’re expecting to need.

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These APIs can be utilized with separate calls in addition to the SEO Content Analysis API.

Neil Patel case

Neil Patel

I’ve worked with Jasja twice. He creates bug-free code and delivers on time. In addition to that, he also provides valuable feedback which has helped us build a better product.
We typically have Jasja work on projects related to our marketing funnel where we have to scrape websites and leverage API technologies.

Neil Patel — Entrepreneur, influencer & digital marketer

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