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SEO Review Tools for Chrome V 3.1.0

/////// 3.1.0 update ///////

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6 NEW Tools available with the SEO Review Tools for Chrome extension.

6 New Tools

  • Uncover all the top ranking keywords that drive traffic to a domain. Use the Domain Rank tracker to learn form your competitors. The report includes top ranking keywords, monthly search volume estimate, rankings and competition.

    Domain Rank tracker

  • Use the Trending topics tool to discover what is happening in the world today. Uncover emerging trends and discover related topics to get the writing inspiration for your next article.

    Trending topics

  • The Readability checker got a really big overhaul. I’ve re-written the complete code, to make the tool faster and more accurate. Get the Flesch Reading Ease score for any URL or use the Readability checker API to connect with this tool from your own environment.

    Readability checker

  • Get the age of an URL or domain with the bulk Domain Age Checker. Domain age is not a ranking factor, but it helps you to put other SEO metrics in perspective like backlinks, indexed pages and Domain Authority.

    Domain Age Checker

  • Quickly generate JSON-LD FAQ markup for your articles. Adding this markup to a web page can help Google to show a list of Questions and Answers for a specific URL in search. .

    JSON-LD FAQ markup

  • Use the Email Finder to search for a specific email address or related adresses. Just enter the Name + Company and this tool will provide you with all the usefull contact information it’s able to extract from the web.

    Email Finder

/////// 3.0.0 update ///////

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3 NEW Tools available with the SEO Review Tools for Chrome extension.

3 New Tools

  • Discover new backlinks pointing to your domain with the Fresh Backlink checker. The backlink report offers you an overview of all the new backlinks that where recently discovered, percentage of Follow backlinks and the Page Authority for the individual links.

    Fresh Backlinks

  • Recently launched: Paid Search Competitor Checker => Enter your domain name and this tool will automatically return your top paid competitors in Google. Get valuable insights, statistics and estimates about your competitors including monthly paid traffic statistics and advertising budget.

    Paid Search Competitor Checker

  • The Broken backlink checker / lost link recovery Tool is designed to help you discover URLs that no longer link to your domain, landing pages that return a 404 status code, the total number of unique landing pages with broken links and more…

    Broken Link Checker

/////// 2.9.0 update ///////

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2 NEW Tools + 2 updates available with the SEO Review Tools for Chrome extension.

2 New Tools

  • Use the Page Experience Checker to see if your website is ready for the upcoming May 2021 Google Page Experience update. This Google update includes the Core Web Vitals, Mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS-security, and intrusive interstitial guidelines (read more about this ranking update).

    Page Experience Checker

  • Use the PWA testing tool to perform an automated PWA analysis [powered by the official Google Lighthouse software]. See how well your website meets the technical requirements to be served as a Progressive Web App.

    PWA testing tool<

2 Updates

  • The SEO Content Editor & Writing Assistant has been updated to version 2.0. This update includes a further inproved content scoring algorithm and improved UX. Helping you to fucus on writing great content while the tool mnitors your SEO content score. SEO content Editor

    SEO content advice

  • Because Google is replacing it’s Structured Data Testing Tool with the new Rich Results Testing tool I’ve also updated the direct link to this tool.

    Rich Results Test

/////// 2.8.0 update ///////

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2 NEW Tools + 1 update available with the SEO Review Tools for Chrome extension.

2 New Tools

  • Use the Core Web Vitals checker to see if your website is ready for the upcoming Google 2021 Ranking update. Read more about this ranking update.

    Core Web Vitals checker

  • Discover if all individual pages of your website pass the Google Mobile Friendly Test. If this is not the case, the tool will provide you with all the issues that are causing your page to fail the test. This feedback will help you to optimize your page accordingly and make it up to Googles standards for a mobile website.

    Mobile Friendly Test

1 Update

  • There was a small issue with the newly added Google Web Def Tools (only effecting users accessing the tool with the chrome extension), this issue has now been solved.

    Core Web Vitals Tool

/////// 2.7.0 update ///////

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2 NEW Tools + 2 updates available with the SEO Review Tools for Chrome extension.

2 Updates

  • Check your backlinks with the new Backlink Checker. Discover who is linking to you or to your competitor → find the backlinks that carry the most value → Explore your competitors most linked to content.

    Backlink Checker

  • Check you Domain Authority for any given website with the updated Website Authority Checker. And get a strong indication on how well a website performs in search.

    Domain Authority Checker

2 New Tools

  • Use the Website Security Checker to make sure your domain is free from malware, phishing or other forms of malicious software. (Now also part of the new Google ‘Page Experience’ ranking signals).

    Website Security Checker

  • Check your website with the Lighthouse Audit, to see how well your site is optimized for Google’s Core Web Vitals ranking signals.

    Core Web Vitals Tool

/////// 2.6.0 update ///////

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3 NEW SEO tools available with the SEO Review Tools for Chrome extension.

  • Get Keyword suggestions, Organic Search Volume, Cost Per Click data, Keyword difficulty for any keyword you like, with the new Keyword Research Tool.

    Keyword Research Tool

  • The SEO Content Score Checker helps you to find out how well your content is optimized for a specific keyword from a search engines perspective. Enter A keyword and the corresponding URL you like to check and find out your SEO content score.

    SEO Content Score Checker

  • The eBay Keyword Tool helps you to quickly identify commercial keyword opportunities based on the eBay keyword suggest function.

NEW(!) – SEO Review Tools for Chrome V 2.5.0

/////// October 2018 update ///////

2 NEW SEO tools available with the SEO Review Tools for Chrome extension.

  • Find related questions with the Featured snippet suggestion tool and get and target the number 0 spot in Google. Based on your keyword or theme the featured snippet tool will automatically generate a list of relevant questions to enrich your content.

    Featured snippet Tool

  • The Bulk Domain rating checker helps you to check the Ahrefs Domain Rating (Domain rating is a metric developed by Ahrefs showing the strength of a website’s backlink profile) for multiple domains in just a couple of clicks.

    Domain Rating checker

/////// June 2018 update ///////

  • Now also available with the chrome extension the Broken Backlink checker – Find out which backlinks are pointing to a 404 page and recover those valuable backlinks. Additionally you have the option the filter links from high to low based on Ahrefs Domain rating.

Broken Backlink checker

Enjoy the new version: SEO Review Tools for Chrome

////// end update ///////

/////// April 2018 update ///////

Enjoy the new version: SEO Review Tools for Chrome

////// end update ///////

/////// March 2018 update ///////

Just found the time to add 5 new tools to the latest version of “SEO Review Tools for Chrome extension“.

Enjoy the new version: SEO Review Tools for Chrome

////// end update ///////

Finally, after almost 5000 people actively use the SEO Review Tools for Chrome extension, Version 2.1.0 is here. I struggled to find the time to do a proper update, but here it is!
Please have a look at these new features and updates:

Try the new version: SEO Review Tools for Chrome

seo review tools for chrome

////////////////// end update //////////////////

To celebrate the 15,000 free members who signed up for SEO Review Tools, I decided to build a chrome extension to make live even better or at least more efficient.

Just reached 15K+ registered Members!

This number has exceeded my wildest expectations and to accommodate my loyal user base, I’ve build a Chrome extension. Since the beginning of this project I’ve been thinking about improving the work flow and I figure a browser addon is the answer (no more copy / pasting URLs or Googling for a specific tool). And because 70% of you use chrome, the browser choice was an easy one.


////////////////// start update /////////////////////////////////////////////

Since the release of SEO Review Tools for Chrome, back in August, over a thousand people downloaded and installed this extension. And because this showed me there is enough interest for “just another” SEO extension it got me thinking about other useful features to add.

The Tools I use on a daily basis (besides of course my own ;-) are a lot of Google tools like:

  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Structured Data Testing Tool
  • Mobile friendly Testing Tool
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends

So what would be better than just adding all these tools to the SEO mix?

Having these tools available inside the extension and the ability to make the selected tool check the URL you’ve submitted with just a few clicks.

Checkout the new: SEO Review Tools for Chrome Version 2.0.0

Do you like this extension? Please leave a rating!

Already working with the SEO Review Tools for Chrome extension?

Head to chrome://extensions by either right-clicking on an extension and choosing Manage extensions, or just typing it into the location bar. Once there, click the Developer mode link on the right-hand side. And then click the Update extensions now button.

////////////////// end update /////////////////////////////////////////////

The extension: SEO Review Tools for Chrome

SEO Review Tools for Chrome is a free extension which allows you to quickly check the URL your visiting with your browser with one of these (18) SEO tools:srt for chrome 2

SEO Authority tools

  • Website Authority Checker
  • Domain Authority & Page Authority Checker
  • Backlink Tool / Links checker

SEO Content Tools

  • Duplicate content checker
  • Bulk Web page Word Count checker
  • Bulk Title tag checker
  • Bulk meta description checker
  • HTML Headings Checker

Technical SEO Tools

  • SEO List Crawler
  • Internal Link Analyzer
  • SEO Redirect checker
  • Canonical URL / Location Checker

Social Media Tools

  • Social page authority checker
  • Bulk Pinterest Pins checker
  • Bulk LinkedIn share checker
  • Google Plus One count checker
  • Facebook Comments box count checker
  • Bulk facebook like count checker
  • Bulk Facebook share count checker

The extension a pretty straightforward and easy to use addition to your browser tool kit. After installing the extension you can see the SEO Review Tools icon at the left top corner of your chrome browser (next to the URL input field).


To improve this extension further I’m planning to add these options:

  • Enabling auto run mode, when you select a URL (as a registered member) the tool will directly run and serve the results without having hit the “Perform check” button first.
    • This no longer the future this is now!! Since this week the selected tool will automatically run when you’re logged into your account.
  • Bulk mode, add multiple URLs to a list so you can run them all at once.
  • Google search results export function, enabling users to quickly find trends an opportunities.

These future options do depend on extension usage. So hit the download button and I’ll keep developing and improving the functionality ;-) If you like to support me in the meantime, you might consider donating a small amount to help me get some funds to build even better tools.

Found a bug?

Add a comment on the tools page or add a bug report on this page:


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  1. Jasja ter Horst (admin)

    Update: Just enabled auto run mode, when you select a URL (as a registered member) the tool will directly run and serve the results, without you having to hit the “Perform check” button first.

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