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SEO Tool Embed – SEO API

SEO Tool Embed – SEO API
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The benefits of free software.

Offering free software can really have a huge impact on the online presence of your website. I personally build SEO Review Tools from the ground up and within 5 years I’m able to reach 185,000 visitors every month. My returning visitor rate is just under 75%, which means I have a incredible loyal community. And at the time of writing this article, the number of registered members is surpassing the 32K, this number is probably a lot higher when you’re actually reading this page.
My point being..? Providing real value gets rewarded.

SEO Audit demo

So how can you offer your own free software? To make my tools flexible and scalable I’ve developed a tool Embed option and an API.

Who is using the embed code?

Neil Patel


See the code in action on or read the case study: “Neil Patel” SEO Tool Development [Case].

How to embed a SEO Tool or Widget?

The embed function is designed to make it really easy to add a SEO tool to your website without any knowledge of coding. You can compare it with embedding a YouTube video. Where you just copy a piece of code and past it into your website to make the video (in this case the SEO tool) appear. Please checkout the list of available tools below.

View the demo

How to get the embed code?
Just send me a mail to request the embed code….

Because I’m currently working on a big back-end overhaul, these tools are temporary not available as embed.  
I’m expecting to need 2 months to complete the tool update..  so keep a close eye on this page or register for the newsletter to get notified when new embed users will be accepted again.

(This update won’t effect current embed user accounts)

How does the SEO API work?

In contrast to the tool embed code the API provides you with pure JSON data. This means raw data you can use to build your own SEO audit tool and offer a fully White label / Branded experience for your target audience.

How to get access to the SEO API?
Drop me a mail to request the API access using the contact form.

Read: API documentation

Custom Tool development

If your looking to do a project or collect data that isn’t directly available trough my API you can hire me. I’m always interested in building nice stuff as long as it’s related to SEO.

List of SEO Tools available for embed and/or as API.

Additional connectors
In addition to the list above, I’ve developed connectors for data coming from third party API providers: Ahrefs, Moz and SEMrush. How does this work? Well if you have an account with API access (for one of these providers) you can use this data as part of the SEO Audit tool, including: Domain authority, Backlinks, Search volume and Rankings..

API connectors

SEO Tool Updates

2 thoughts on “SEO Tool Embed – SEO API

  1. Jasja ter Horst (admin) says:

    I have a new demo available for the embed option:

  2. Jasja ter Horst (admin) says:

    (just added 2 new tools to the API)

    • Duplicate Content
    • SEO Content editor

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