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SEO Tool Embed V2.0

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Looking for a white label SEO Audit tool?

Embed the SEO Audit Tool on your website to generate more high quality SEO leads, revenue and growth for your company.

SEO Audit embed

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How to collect generate SEO leads?

The SEO audit tool automates the process of collecting SEO leads for your company and helps you to operate more efficiently.
Here is the step-by-step approach.

  • Add the embed code to your website.
  • Allow your visitors to create a free SEO audit report, without having to leave your website.
  • Enable the lead-form, to collect email addresses and company information.
  • Connect with potential customers and present them with your services and actionable SEO advice.

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Who is using already using the SEO Audit Tool?

To prove this is NOT your average SEO tool, Neil Patel is running a custom version of the SEO embed Tool to generate more SEO leads. Most of you probably know this guy, but if you don’t:

The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies.

Neil Patel

I’ve worked with Jasja twice. He creates bug-free code and delivers on time. In addition to that, he also provides valuable feedback which has helped us build a better product.
We typically have Jasja work on projects related to our marketing funnel where we have to scrape websites and leverage API technologies.

Neil Patel — Entrepreneur, influencer & digital marketer

Read the Neil Patel case..

How to embed the SEO Audit Tool on your website?

Think of it as a YouTube video you’re adding to your website, by just copy and pasting in some HTML.
By embedding the SEO Audit Tool, with just a couple of clicks, you and visitors get access to probably one of my best tools, on which I’ve been working on for more than 5 years. Already interested? Please checkout the demo over here or keep on reading to find out, how you can use the tool to generate more SEO leads.

Instead of building your own SEO tools you can save a lot of time, money and frustration with the SEO Embed tool from SEO Review Tools.

  • Choose the pricing plan that fits your needs.
  • Add the embed the code to your website.
  • The SEO audit form will automatically load on the page where you include the embed tool.
    (Users will never leave your website when using the SEO audit tool)

How does the Tool work?

Step 1 – The input

After you’ve embed the tool to your website, the code automatically generates two input fields where visitors can enter their website URL and focus keyword.

SEO Embed input fields

Step 2 – Analysing the website

The “Perform scan” button will set the tool into action and it will start collecting data and analysing the website. The more information you collect about a specific website, the better you’ll be able to analyse and score the SEO performance. This is why the tool analyses 27+ SEO factors to score a website. 

SEO audit loader

Step 3 – SEO lead generation (optional)

Step 3 is optional a can be configured during the set-up. Before showing the actual results form the SEO Audit, you can load the form below and collect prospect data. After a visitor completes the form, you or your sales team will directly receive an email with the relevant contact information. If you don’t set the “Lead generation” option the tool will automatically continue to the SEO Audit results.

SEO Lead generation

Here is an example of the email which includes a summary of the report and the full SEO report is attached as PDF.

SEO email report

Step 4 – SEO Audit (the results)

After completing the previous steps the visitor is presented with an in depth SEO report, including an overview of the number of SEO: Errors, Warnings and Optimized elements. In addition to the overview you also get detailed feedback on how to improve the individual elements analysed by the crawler: Title tag, Meta description, Word count, On page links summary, Google PageSpeed summary (here you can view the full list).

SEO Audit embed

What makes this tool stand out?

  • The seamless integration and branding options are designed to offer a professional white label SEO Audit.
  • The quality of the included tools, which have been used by over 9M+ visitors (and counting).

View the demo


The SEO Audit Tool Embed is a quick and clever way to combine value and lead generation to any agency website. It passively collects leads on your website by allowing visitors to access a free SEO audit report in exchange for contact information. A Win win!

Matt Diggity — Founder Diggity Marketing LLC

How to get the embed code?

Checkout the different embed and integration options and view the pricing table.

Request your embed code

Included tools

Technical SEO toolsSEO Content toolsSocial media tools
 – Website load time – Title tag – Facebook
 – AMP – Meta description – Pinterest
 – Meta robot tag – HTML headings 
 – Internal / external Links – Content length 
 – Canonical tags – Keyword Density 

Full SEO Audit embed function list.

SEO Lead generation

  • Make users discover what’s wrong with their website and generate high quality SEO leads.
  • Collect email addresses and company information by providing real value to your visitors.
  • Create a SEO quick scan in just a couple of minutes before visiting a client.


  • Copy past your embed code on any page where you’d like the embed tool to appear without any limitations.
    No technical or programming skills required.
  • Seamless integration with your website design.
  • Users will never leave your website when using the SEO audit tool.

Highly customizable

  • Add your company logo, 
  • Brand colours,
  • Customize button colours,
  • Customize button text / CTA,
  • Branded PDF SEO Report,
  • Clean design and interface

Additional connectors

In addition to the list above, I’ve developed connectors for data coming from third party API providers: Ahrefs, MOZ and SEMrush.
How does this work? Well if you have an account with API access (for one of these providers) you can use this data as part of the SEO Audit tool, including: Domain authority, Backlinks, Search volume and Rankings..

API connectors

Custom Tool development

If your looking to do a project or collect data that isn’t directly available trough my API you can hire me. I’m always interested in building nice stuff as long as it’s related to SEO.

Please share SEO Data

10 thoughts on “SEO Tool Embed V2.0

  1. Jasja ter Horst (admin)

    V2.0 is now finally live, this version includes:

    • A really big design overhaul!
    • PDF Export
    • Mobile friendly results
    • Overall UX improvements

    Let me know what you think!

    • David Walters

      Love the look of 2.0! Found one spelling error under the “social” section of the report, “Great! Your webpage is pretty populair on social media”. “populair”, should be “popular”. I’m ramping up my local agency site for a 2020 launch and looking forward to adding this tool for leads. Thanks for all you do Jasja!

  2. Jasja ter Horst (admin)

    Just did a couple of updates to improve the results (these updates are relevant for a very just a very small and specific issue, but non the less important to receive the right feedback under all conditions).

    • Retrieving Page Tile
    • Retrieving Meta Description
    • Retrieving Canonical tag directive

    Thanks to Roys Ishak for detecting this issues.

  3. Jasja ter Horst (admin)


    • New and fully functioning demo
    • Update pre-loader, showing real-time feedback (marketing opportunities)
    • Improved design
    • Scroll progress indicator
    • Faster user experience

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