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Guest post

How to write for SEO Review Tools

If you’re passionate about SEO, like me, then you’re very welcome to contribute to SEO Review Tools. When you’re article gets approved and published you’ll be able to connect with over 35K members and 185,000 Monthly visitors.

Because I solely focus on SEO with SEO Review Tools your guest post should probably focus on one of these subjects: Technical SEO, Content, Link building, Local SEO, International SEO… Let’s say something closely related to SEO.


  • Your article should help people out, in the form of a “How to” or “tutorial”.
  • Make sure your spelling and grammar is perfect.
  • Be creative and original, so don’t submit stuff that has been published before.

To keep it simple there are just 3 important rules and in addition I’ve written down the process, so you know what to expect.


The process for submitting a guest post looks something like this:

  • Submit a list of potential article titles / ideas.
  • In addition provide some links to articles you’ve already written.
  • You write an outline or something outline-like.
  • I approve it.
  • You write the article.
  • I approve it, If needed I’ll do some editing and upload your post.
  • Your post gets published.

Interested in some more background information? Read this article about writing a successful guest post.

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