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Tool and Design Updates

New tool: SEOmoz backlink Tool / Links checker


Use the SEOmoz backlink Tool to check the most important external / incoming links for pages on your own website or the website of your competitors. After running a backlink check you can export the results to CSV.

  • AnchorText
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Total Links

Updated: website Website Authority Checker


Switched from Seogadget API to MOZ API and custom Page Rank extraction script. After experiencing some connection problems with the Seogadget API, I decided to switch to MOZ API. The general functionality stayed the same, but the tool is no longer able to check linking root domains (the MOZ API doesn’t support linking root domains).

Design Updates

  • I designed a new logo
  • I switched from the modified twenty twelve theme to the, fully responsive,  WordPress Bootstrap theme. I’m really impressed by the bootstrap functionality! Even on mobile devices the site is looking pretty good, even though some minor tweaks are still on the to-do list / bug list. The bug list is also a new page where I’ll keep track of issues. So if you’ve got feedback, just post a comment.
  • I’ve updated the menu and categorized the tools to give some more structure to the website.For icons I’m currently using an older version of Font Awesome (available for download: And yes these icons are truly awesome to use. I’m planning to move to version 4.0.2, but this will take some code adjustments.
  • Starrating is now available for you to rate a tool / article or plugin.
  • Solved some overflow issues.
  • Updated the result tables.
  • Solved some HTML title issues, somehow the theme generated 2 titles per page. Not really ideal ;  -)

Available for download

You can now download the “PHP Multi keyword density script” to calculate the keyword density for single and multiple keyword combinations

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