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Transactional keyword list generator

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Find keywords with a commercial intend.

This tool generates a list of transactional keywords to target search queries with a commercial intend. In addition this tool will also generate keyword combinations focussed on informational and navigational queries.  After you’ve generated your list, you can quickly pick the suggestions you like and use them to enrich new or existing content. 

TIP: Use the SEO Content Assistant to help you with your writing job.

Transactional keyword Tool

Keyword types: 3 types of search queries

There are roughly 3 kinds of user intend we define based on the keyword and keyword combinations search engine user enter when performing a search query.

What are Transactional keywords?

Transactional keywords are keywords or keyword phrases potential customers use to find the services or product they are looking to buy. Search engine users will use transactional keywords to find the right place to purchase their product. This can both be online or offline, depending on the product or service. In general transactional keywords have relatively low search volume but a very high conversion rate, because the user is at the final stage of the buying process.

Transactional keyword examples: Buy, purchase, deal, discount, cheapest, for sale, where to buy, coupon.   

How to target Transactional queries?

The best way to create content for transactional queries is by creating :

  • Optimized service pages for transactional queries.
  • Optimized product categories for transactional queries.
  • Optimized product pages for transactional queries.

What are Informational keywords?

Informational keywords are keywords which are used to find information about a particular topic, person, product or service. When searching for products or services, search engine users use Informational keywords to find (background) information to help them with their decision making process. During this orientation phase It’s important top be visual, because otherwise there is a big chance a potential buyer won’t be familiar with your product or service. Informational keywords can have very high search volumes, depending on your topic and industry.

Informational keyword examples: Review, Best, top rated, recommended, compare, online, compare price.  

How to target Informational queries?

To target Informational keywords you should write quality blog post specially created to help and educate your audience. Content formats that are a good fit informational search intent are:

  • Step-by-step tutorials.
  • Top 10 lists.
  • How to articles.
  • Long-form content.
  • How to Videos.
  • Checklists.
  • Research / studies.

TIP: Use the Featured Snippet Tool to find additional informational keyword suggestions to optimize your content for the number 0 ranking position.

Navigational keywords are used the find specific brand, website or location. The user intend is very clear because the searcher is looking for a specific location (literally or virtually).

Some examples of Brand / website related Navigational queries: Facebook, Google and YouTube.

How to target Navigational queries?

Because navigational queries are almost always brand or location related it’s not that simple to optimize for these types of search queries. The most important things you can do:

  • Make sure your brand name is part of your title tag and content.
  • Optimize your Google my business page for navigational queries.
  • Utilize your social media profile pages to claim multiple ranking positions for your brand name.
  • And finally you can use Google advertising to improve your visibility for brand related queries.

Which types of search queries should I target?

To maximize the exposure for your product or service you’d ideally like to be visible at all different stages of the buying process. So you want visitors to land on your website when they’re looking for information about a problem, when they’re ready to buy a product and at all different stages in between.

Supported languages

The Transactional keyword list generator supports these languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, France, Hindi and Danish.

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