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Product SEO for Google

Participants: Alan Kent

Learn where Google shows products: Google search, Image search, Shopping tab, Google maps. How to feed you products to Google merchant center: Structured data, Product feed, Content API

Tags: Shopping, Supplemental feeds

Video optimization for Google

Participants: Danielle Marshak

Learn how Google indexes videos, how videos appear in search and discover and how to optimize your videos.

Tags: Video sitemaps, Structured data, Referral links

Image optimization for Google

Participants: John Mueller

Learn about image optimization for Google, recommendations:

  1. Provide context
  2. Optimize image placement
  3. Make sure vital text is used in the content and not in images
  4. Use alt attributes
  5. Use descriptive URLs that contain your image topic
  6. more.. 
Tags: Google Discover, Recipes,

How to remove content from Google

Participants: Daniel Waisberg

Learn more about the different options you have to remove content from Google.

Temporary remove content from Google:

  • Use Google search console to temporary remove self-controlled content (will last about 6 months).

Permanently remove content from Google:

  1. Self-controlled content (use a 404 / 410 status code or block access with a password). 
  2. External content that you don’t control:
    1. Contact the web site owner. In some cases you can contact Google to help you remove personal information →
    2. Removing content from Google services → 
Tags: Third-party pages, Google services

SEO for Single Page Apps

Participants: Martin Splitt

Learn how to prevent common SEO issues when designing a single page application:

  1. Make sure you’re using the history API and correct link markup make sure individual views get index by Google.
  2. Add meta descriptions and titles for the different views.
  3. Return the correct status code when there is an error.
Tags: Indexing, Crawling, Best practices

HTTPS – Secure connection

Participants: John Mueller
  1. How HTTPS works?
  2. Why do you want to use HTTPS?
  3. How to plan a migration from HTTP to HTTPS?
Tags: Authentication, Data integrity, Encryption, Ranking signal

Mobile-First Indexing

Participants: Martin Splitt

Learn: how Google mobile first indexing works and what challenges can occur: crawl restrictions (robots.txt or noindex), semantic markup (Headings, images and videos ), missing content (hidden content, structured data and meta descriptions).

Tags: Indexing, mobile crawling, missing content

Rich results / Structured data

Participants: Daniel Waisberg
  1. What are rich results and structured data?
  2. How to uncover markup issues with alerts and checks?
  3. How to validate and fix markup errors and or warnings?
  4. How to monitor and optimize search traffic?

Available rich results:

Tags: Job posting, recipes, FAQ schema, JSON-LD

Links – JavaScript SEO basics

Participants: Martin Splitt

Learn how to use semantic markup for links to make them accessible for search engine crawlers and don’t use fragments in URLs if you want this content to be indexed by Google.

Tags: Semantic HTML link markup, Internal links

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