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Free Wikipedia Keyword Research Tool.

wikipedia keyword research

Wikipedia is currently the number 10th most visited website in the world. Looking only at the US, it’s on position #4, just after Google, YouTube and Facebook. With over 52 million articles in 309 languages, it’s probably the biggest non-commercial content resource one the web. And because of its informative nature Wikipedia is really valuable keyword source in addition to commercial sources like The Keyword Planner from Google and the Bing Keyword research Tool.

Tip: Interested in automating your Keyword Research workflow? Explore the Keyword APIs →

Wikipedia and Google

Wikipedia is by far the number 1 supplier for featured snippets (direct answers) in Google search. It’s estimated that Wikipedia is responsible for 40% – 50% for all the featured snippets in Google for both desktop and mobile results. This has probably also let to an officially announced partnership between Google and the Wikimedia Foundation.

“Our organizations have partnered throughout the years on initiatives that further our joint goals around knowledge access, including making information available through Google Search”..

For more details on this partnership please read the blog announcement.

Because Google is highly interested in Wikipedia as a reliable content source, you should probably to ; -))

How to use the Wikipedia Keyword Research Tool?

wikipedia keyword tool

The Wikipedia Keyword Research tool helps you to automate and speed-up your manual keyword research process. Enter your keyword and generate a list of relevant keyword suggestions based on the articles curated by thousands of industry experts.

  • Start by entering your main (broad) keyword.
  • Use the keyword suggestions to find related, niche and long-tail keywords.
  • Select the keywords that are most relevant to your topic.
  • Copy or export your keyword selection.
  • And finally, start writing some great content.

Tip: use the Content editor to write SEO optimized content.

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English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Danish, and more..

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