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Netpeak Spider Overview

Netpeak Spider is a desktop SEO crawler for a complex website audit. The tool checks more than 50 on-site parameters and detects more than 60 SEO issues. It’s widely used by SEOs, webmasters, bloggers, link builders, web developers, and digital marketers from around the world.

The tool allows getting the deepest insight into your website and helps with the following tasks:

  • SEO analysis and detection of critical on-page SEO issues (broken links, redirect issues,  loading speed, meta tags, content issues, and many others).
  • Crawling of large websites
  • Advanced web scraping 
  • Internal linking analysis
  • Internal PageRank calculation
  • Sitemap creation and validation
  • Source code and HTTP headers analysis
  • Exporting more than 70 custom reports 

Why Netpeak Spider?

Netpeak Spider has a set of unique advantages that differentiate it from competitors:

Crawling speed and resource consumption

Netpeak Spider is one of the fastest crawlers on the market. Also, being a desktop crawler, it doesn’t eat all your RAM in a minute. You can easily analyze large websites (100,000+ pages).

Focus on fixing SEO issues

Unlike most of the competitors, Netpeak Spider not only provides raw data but helps to interpret it. The tool categorizes issues by their severity. Each issue has a detailed description and tips on how to fix it.

Advanced results table 

The primary issue in all SEO crawlers is their primitive results table. Things are different in Netpeak Spider. The table is highly customizable, you can filter, sort, and group the results. Moreover, you can create custom segments to work with. For example, you may bound the results table to show only product pages.

Advanced Dashboard

The dashboard in Netpeak Spider works in two modes. When the spider is crawling a website, the dashboard is showing the main settings, the number of crawled and pending pages. When crawling is complete, it shows diagrams with essential data.

Fully customizable settings

Netpeak Spider is the most flexible tool out there. You can select specific parameters you want to check instead of checking the whole list. What’s more, you can customize some of the issue restrictions like the title length or max server response time. The tool also allows tweaking indexing instructions, setting custom crawling rules, using virtual robots.txt, changing crawling speed, and adding a list of proxies. 

Internal PageRank Calculation

The tool has a unique feature that calculates internal link weight distribution. It allows detecting pages that receive either too many or not enough link weight. You can also find dead-end pages that burn link weight.

Sitemap Creation and Validation

There’s no need to use separate tools to create a sitemap. Using Netpeak Spider, you can create XML, Image XML, HTML, and TXT sitemaps. The ‘Sitemap Validator’ built-in tool checks XML sitemaps for more than 30 issues based on official documentation.

Source Code and HTTP Headers Analysis

This is another great feature that allows checking source code and HTTP headers of any URL. You can check what source code is being returned to different user-agents.

Easy export of any data

Netpeak Spider offers more than 70 reports you can export in one click. There are reports on any issue, lots of special reports on specific parameters like redirects, broken links, images, etc. You can also export a full site structure, and an exclusive PDF report called Express Audit of Optimization Quality.

Internal Database

All the massive data in Netpeak Spider is stored in the database. It allows hiding it from the main results table and makes it more convenient to use. In the database, you can check data on internal links, images, redirects, canonicals, etc. 

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Netpeak Checker Overview

Do you need to check thousands of URLs for DA, DR, TF, traffic, links, and 300 more parameters in a single table? Or maybe you want to scrape search results for a list of queries?

Netpeak Checker is a desktop tool for bulk URL analysis and SERP scraping. It’s a unique tool that can check a massive list of URLs for more than 300 parameters.

It’s essential for SEOs, webmasters, bloggers, link builders, and digital marketers who want to automate data collection for further analysis.

What tasks you can solve with Netpeak Checker

  • Checking of 61 on-page parameters such as meta tags, response time, number of links, indexing instructions, word count, and others. 
  • Data aggregation from services like Ahrefs, Whois, SEMrush, Serpstat, Moz, SimilarWeb, Alexa, Majestic, Page Speed Insights, Mobile-Friendly Test, Google/Bing/Yandex/Yahoo SERP, Wayback Machine, Facebook, Pinterest, DNS. 
  • Contact scraping (emails, phone numbers, links to social media)
  • Advanced SERP scraping for a list of queries.

Get Data in Advanced Table

The amount of data you can get with the tool is impressive. It would be hell to operate such data in a primitive table. Fortunately, Netpeak Checker allows custom filtering, grouping, and sorting the results.

You can check thousands of domains for key metrics and sort out the ones matching your requirements.

SERP Scraping

Netpeak Checker has a built-in tool called ‘SE scraper’. It allows adding a list of search queries and obtaining search results for each of them.

Along with URLs, the tool shows their title, description, position, snippet type, site links, and reviews. You can set the search engine you want to scrape (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex) and its locale.

For those who want to scrape Google in bulk, there’s an option to add a list of proxies and use an anti-captcha service.

At the end of scraping, you can transfer the URLs into the main tool and check them by more than 300 parameters. It’s a perfect tool for market analysis.

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