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Keyword Gap Analysis with Free SEO Tools and Excel

Keyword Gap Analysis tutorial. In this step-by-step tutorial you will learn how to perform effective keyword gap analysis using Free SEO Tools and Excel. What is keyword gap analysis? A keyword gap analysis is vital part of keyword research that is used to discover new keywords and content opportunities. By conducting a keyword gap analysis, you can identify …..

Bulk Backlink summary sheet

Bulk Backlink summary spreadsheet for SEO The Backlink summary sheet is designed to help you quickly compare specific URLs or Domains. Add a list with a maximum of 100 entries and with just a single click on the “Get results” button the spreadsheet will automatically collect all the data from the API. Without any programming knowledge you’re able …..

Bulk Keyword difficulty Google sheet

Keyword difficulty checker spreadsheet. This Google spreadsheet is designed to automatically connect with the SEO Review Tools Keyword difficulty API → and will return the results with just a couple of clicks. You can add up to a 100 keywords to the sheet to perform a bulk keyword difficulty score lookup. View the sheet Make your copy Why …..

Semrush vs. Ahrefs: Which Is the Best SEO Tool?

In the world of SEO, you can get pretty far with basic knowledge and hard work. This is especially true when you’re just starting out and have limited resources. But as your site grows and reaches a bigger and bigger audience—and your team grows with it—there might come a time when you need to look at automation and …..

Bulk Word Count Google sheet

Word Count research sheet. With the bulk Word count sheet you are able to check the statistics for up to 100 URLs with just a one click. In addition to word count the Google spreadsheet also collects these metrics from the SEO Review Tools word count API: Word count total, the sum of all the individual words on …..

Bulk Domain Authority Google sheet

Domain Authority score checker spreadsheet. The Domain Authority sheet is designed to help you perform bulk tasks and save valuable time. Enter up to 100 URLs and check the domain and page authority score with just a single click. This sheet is developed to connect with the SEO Review Tools Domain Authority score API endpoint. This means you …..

Google Rank checker sheet

Google SERP checker sheet Use the Google rank checker sheet to check your organic search engine rankings, your competitors or to discover link building opportunities. Extract search engine rankings without having to perform a single search query. And because you’re using the SEO Review Tools API all queries are anonymous and non-personalized. This guarantees you’re getting an objective …..

Website Traffic research with Google sheets

Google Traffic research sheet Use the Google traffic sheet to discover how many visitors a website gets form both the organic and the paid search results. See how many visitors your competitors get or use traffic data to estimate the value of a domain. The spreadsheet is designed to handle bulk requests, this means you can check up …..

Performing keyword research with Google sheets

Google Keyword research sheet Keyword research helps you to uncover the words your audience enter into Google when looking for a service or product.Performing keyword research can be a time consuming task and for this reason I’ve build the Google spreadsheet designed to make live just a little bit easier. The “Google keyword research sheet” is a pre-programmed …..

Content Marketing Workflow with Semrush [Tutorial]

Almost all digital marketing efforts – from SEO to link-building – are powered by one thing, content. So, whatever area of marketing you place your emphasis on, you certainly have to invest in content marketing, and while doing so, make it as efficient and effective as possible. For this reason Semrush has built a dedicated Content Marketing platform …..

[Tutorial] How to Build a Strong Backlink Portfolio with SEMrush

It goes without saying that building backlinks and scheduling outreaches consumes a lot of time. You may find these tasks monotonous and frustrating for many reasons, but in terms of SEO, they do make a difference. Performing these tasks may make you feel the need for an all-in-one solution that would provide a ready-made outline for each strategy, …..

How to create a Keyword Strategy with Serpstat

A Step-by-step guide to creating and implementing a Keyword Strategy with Serpstat A keyword strategy is one of the crucial success factors for website promotion. Being developed poorly, it may hurt your rankings, while a proper researched strategy will bring your site to the top of search results. That’s why keyword research is among the first tasks for …..

How to do Keyword Research with SEMrush [Tutorial]

Keyword Research with SEMrush: Find the Most Effective Organic and PPC Keywords in 30 Minutes or Less. Any good digital marketing strategy starts with keyword research. If properly done, it lets you rank higher in search, increase engagement and conversions, improve the ROI of your ad campaigns, etc. With the largest database in the market, featuring more than …..

How To Perform A Detailed SEO Audit With Supermetrics

Conducting a high-quality SEO audit is essential: it provides you an insight into the areas which are performing well and shows where an improvement is needed. In order to perform an in-depth SEO analysis, you have to gather data from multiple sources to see the “big picture”. In this blog post, we will explore the power of three …..

Tutorial: How to use SEMrush for Link Building

Link Building with SEMrush: 6 Steps to a Healthy Backlink Profile Links are one of Google’s top 3 search ranking factors, which makes high-quality link building a key part of any SEO professional’s job. Creating a good backlink profile can give you the opportunity to improve your search engine rankings and, consequently, increase visibility among your audience. What’s …..

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