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Free Google search results generator.

Update: The Google SERP preview tool is now completely updated to Google’s latest SERP design.

Interested to see how you can get more visitors from search? Use the Google SERP preview tool to optimize your search snippets for both mobile and desktop. With the help of this tool you can quickly write optimized Titles and Descriptions for new content or improve content that has already been published. Write your snippet, test and generate a pretty accurate indication of how your content will look in search.

Google SERP preview Tool

Why do you need to preview your search snippets?

It’s important to know how your website looks in search to understand and predict how visitors will interact with your content. Make sure the your snippets (Meta description + Title) are page specific, unique and relevant. This will improve the chance that search engines will use your description instead of showing an automated description extracted from the page content. A well written snippet can help convince users to click on your search result and discover your content.

How to optimize your snippets for search?

  • Use the most important keywords at the start of your description, so this will be visible on both mobile and desktop search.
  • Create page specific Titles and Descriptions.
  • Make sure the snippets are highly relevant and accurately describe the page’s content.
  • Write descriptions that trigger users and stand out, to improve CTR.
  • Use structured data markup to extend your search snippets.
    • FAQ – Add frequently asked questions
    • Local Business – Display directions opening hours and actions.
    • Product – Additional product information
    • Search box – Help visitors to search your site.
    • Review snippet – show product or local business rating in search.

TIP: discover more about these specific topics Title tag and Meta Description optimization for search

What to avoid?

  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Avoid non-descriptive Meta descriptions

What is a search snippet?

A search snippet that refers to a specific webpage most commonly consist out of a URL, Title and Meta description. Search engines use snippets to help users select the most relevant search result to answer their query. Depending on the device (mobile or desktop) and query the length and visual presentation can vary. Search snippets can be extended in multiple ways, for example by implementing structured data and by writing content that is suitable for featured snippets. When there is no description or not a relevant description available, search engines will use an automated extract from the page itself.

How does the SERP preview tool work?

  • Manually enter your URL and write an attractive Title and Meta description.
  • Or automatically extract this data from an URL.
  • The tool will automatically provide you with feedback based on the width of your result. In contrary of what most people believe Google uses the width instead of character count to cut off URLs, Title and Descriptions, this is especially the case for mobile. The preview will be adjusted accordingly, generating an accurate real-live test example.
  • Enter the search query to highlight the keyword in the snippet description.
  • Switch between desktop and mobile to make sure the most important part of your snippet is displayed correctly on both devices.
  • Use the additional options to toggle other search futures on and off, including:
    • Remove the default results
    • Add or remove the date
    • Show ratings
    • Or show an ad above the organic search results.

How to control your snippets in Google search?

Google offers multiple methods to adjust how your page appears in Google search. Here are some examples to help you to gain control over how your pages visually appear in search.

Supported meta tags

Inline directives

To prevent certain parts of your page to be used for the snippet you can used the “data-nosnippet” attribute which can added to a div, span or section.

Read more official Google documentation

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One thought on “[Update] Google SERP preview Tool

  1. Jasja ter Horst (admin)

    I’ve just update The search preview tool to Google’s latest SERP design.

    The updated Google design includes favicons and site names in desktop search results, similar to the design rolled out to mobile.


    • Favicons and site names are now included in both versions [mobile / desktop]

    • Updated ads labelling 

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