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Optimize your FAQ content for Google.

The FAQ Schema Generator is designed to help you create JSON-LD markup. Adding this markup to a web page can help Google to show a list of Questions and Answers for a specific URL in search.

FAQ schema example

As you can see from the example above, having your result extended with FAQ markup means you’ll be claiming a large aria of the search results page. Earning you more visibility for your brand and at the same time it provides you with the opportunity to push down your organic competition.

How to use the FAQ Schema Generator?

  • Enter the questions and answers (directly related to the page topic).
  • Make sure you follow Google’s guidelines: [Full documentation]
    • A page should contain multiple questions and answers.
    • Make sure the questions and answers are also visible on the web page for users.
    • The FAQ should be written by the site itself.
    • Don’t repeat the same question and answer in multiple FAQ pages.
    • The page that lists the FAQs should not provide users the option to submit answers.
  • Optional: Test your schema with the Google rich results testing tool.
  • Copy the JSON-LD FAQ schema code.
  • Add the schema code to your web page.

FAQ generator

How do I add FAQ schema markup?

After you’ve created the FAQ schema code snippet, you can manually copy past the JSON-LD schema into the head / body section of your website or you can use Google Tag manager to assign the code to the page. The JSON-LD snippet lives inside a script tag, this means the code is platform independent and can be used for any type of website including: WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc..

Google Webmaster advice

In this episode of Ask Google Webmasters, John Mueller on the different ways Google processes structured data on a web page

How to monitor FAQ schema markup?

Google Search Console offers you the possibility to view the number of pages using FAQ markup and more importantly pages with possibly malformed markup. To visit these statistics go to: Google Search ConsoleEnhancements FAQ

search console FAQ

External resources

Interested to find out more about implementing FAQ JSON-LD? Here is some recommended reading.

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