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SEO Content Score Checker 2.2

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SEO Content Score Tool.

The SEO Content score tool is developed to analyse the content for any URL and score this content based on Google’s guidelines and the SEO Review Tools algorithm. Add the URL you’re looking to analyse and quickly identify possibly issues with your content.

(Are you a programmer? You can also generate the SEO Content Score for unpublished content with the Content Analysis API )

SEO Content Score

How is the SEO Score calculated?

  • Enter an URL.
  • Enter a relevant keyword or keyword phrase.
  • Enter related keywords (optional)
  • And the tool will provide you with a score card and actionable SEO content tips to help you optimize your content for search engines.

TIP: Use the SEO Content Assistant to help you with your writing job.

How does this tool score your content?

The tool analyses 18 different elements within your content to see how well your content is optimized for your focus keyword.
Some examples of the SEO Content checks, automatically performed by this tool:

  • Input URL analysis – On itself keyword usage inside your URL is just a small ranking factor. That being said for your CTR (click trough rate) keyword usage can be very important.
  • Title tag analysis – Aside from your URL, your Title tag and Meta description are an important part of your search snippet.
  • Meta description analysis – Analyzing your Meta description length and keyword relevancy.
  • Heading analysis – Though HTML 5 allows multiple H1s and Google mentioned they have no problem handling multiple H1s, this tool recommends using a single H1 to emphasize your focus keyword.
  • Content length calculation – While content length at itself isn’t a mayor ranking factor, Google seems to perform long form content.
  • Internal link analysis – Search engines use links to crawl the web. This means internal links are very important for Search engines to discover all the pages you’ve published online.
  • Content image analysis – Optimize your image name and Alt tag for Google and image search.
  • Keyword frequency calculation – Keyword repetition (to a limited extend) and related keyword usage are a very import factor for search engines to determine the relevancy of your page for a query.
  • Over optimization – When performing a analysis this tool also looks at signs of over optimization / keyword stuffing.
  • Keyword topic analysis – based on your focus keyword and related keywords the tool will analyse how well your content is optimized for your overall keyword topic.

If you’re having problems to determine your focus keyword, please visit the Keyword suggestion tool to get relevant keyword idea’s and synonyms.

Content Score explanation

SEO Content Score:

  • High = [ >= 75% ], Your content is well optimized for search.
  • Medium = [ < 75% and > 30% ], Your content needs work to improve its ranking potential.
  • Low = [ <= 30% ], Your content is poorly optimized for your focus keyword.

Do I need to go for a 100% score?
In general the higher your score the better, but once you’re above 74% you’re in the green and your content is optimized pretty well.

Optimal content length

The optimal content length is and probably always be a topic of discussion within the SEO community. Some subject need more explanation than others, but generally speaking longer content means higher chances for your content to perform well in search for multiple queries (including long-tail search queries).

Multiple researches indicate there is a strong correlation between content length and content popularity on social and in search.

MOZ – Research (correlation content length and social shares)

Content length and shares

Backlinko – Research (correlation content length and rankings)

Content length and rankings

Tool limitations

How search engines rank your content is not only based on the quality of content. The overall authority of your domain and the specific page play a mayor role in ranking your content. These metrics are not included when calculating the content score. Use the Domain authority checker to find out how many pages link to your content.

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2 thoughts on “SEO Content Score Checker 2.2

  1. Jasja ter Horst (admin)


    • Added the related keyword option to perform topic analysis
    • Fixed a small bug caused by to stop-word filtering. (Thank you Matt for mentioning this problem)

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