Yoast API alternative → Real-time content analysis API

Yoast SEO for WordPress

The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is currently one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. And while the plugin does a lot of different things to optimize your WordPress blog for search, the plugin most used tool is the content analysis feature. The content analyzer helps you to optimize your content for one ore multiple keywords depending on the version (paid or free) you install. At SEO Review Tools we are a big fan of the Yoast plugin, use it ourselves and we definitely recommend installing it if you are using WordPress as a CMS.

Custom CMS and SEO content recommendations

The problem however. If you are not using WordPress, you’re not able to use Yoast content analysis. At Yoast they do offer an API, but this is specially designed to interact with headless WordPress sites. To support users that are using a non WordPress CMS, like WIX, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop or any custom build CMS we have developed the SEO Content Analysis API. This API is able to process content that is publically available online or content that you can post to the API to get real-time content recommendations and make your content perform better in search.

More about the API

Yoast alternative → Real-time Content analysis API


The Content analysis API helps writers (A) identify keywords that generates traffic and (B) create content that ranks well in search. Get actionable insights and feedback from the API to make your content even better optimized for search engines. Think about Title tag optimization, internal and external link usage image optimization, semantic mark-up and much more.

The Content Analysis API can be used to assist during the content creation process as well as with optimizing already existing content that’s not generating traffic from search. Refurbishing old content can be a very efficient SEO strategy to get more visitors to your website. In most cases the existing content is just too complicated or is lacking focus. Rewriting content takes less time compared to starting from scratch and the API will give you the suggestions you need, to make it search engine friendly.

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Key features of the content analysis API

  • SEO Content score
  • Keyword usage
  • Over optimization / keyword stuffing detection
  • Title tag analysis
  • Meta description analysis
  • Content length analysis
  • Internal and external link usage
  • Image analysis
  • HTML heading (H1 – H6) analysis

Key benefits

  • Generate content that gets you visitors from Google
  • Get actionable recommendations to optimize both new and existing content.
  • Use the content score to set usable content KPI’s for your content team.

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Technical information about the API

The API is designed to work with any possible platform and can be used by websites build with PHP, Node, JavaScript, React,.. In short, any programming language that’s able to communicate with a JSON API.

More technical information about the implementation, functionality and developer documentation can be found here

Developer documentation

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