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Duplicate Content API

Duplicate Content API

The duplicate content API is designed to automatically detect online copies of your content, supporting 190+ countries and 50+ languages. By integrating this API into the content publishing workflow you’re able to prevent duplicate content from being published or you can quickly detect competitors that are using your content and all other forms of plagiarism. The API accepts two different forms of content submission:

  • Content submission, post content directly to the API using your preferred programming language (PHP, C#, Python, Node, ..).
  • URL submission, in this case the API will automatically extract the content from the URL and verify content uniqueness.

After parsing the content and searching our database the API returns the duplicate scan results data in JSON format.

For who

  • Content publishers, make sure you’re only publishing fresh and unique content.
  • E-commerce, automatically detect if product descriptions are unique or if they need to be rewritten
  • Educational, save time and automatically detect any form of plagiarism.
  • Agencies, provide clients with detailed in-depth duplicate content reports.
  • Companies, detect competitors using your content or detect sensitive information leaks.

Using the duplicate content API

  • Provide the content or URL you want to analyse.
  • Set your preferred input limits (analyze the full content or perform a partial analysis).
  • Collect the data from the API.

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Possible tasks to perform with the API.

  • Create a platform integration that directly connects with the API.
  • Quickly create a duplicate content report using a reporting tool like: Tableau, Spreadsheets, Data studio, ..
  • Develop your own plagiarism detection tool.


Visit the API documentation page for more technical details, including: JSON sample response, parameters, and code examples. 

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Pricing plans

Pricing for the API starts at $75 USD p/ month.

API PlanPricing
API Lite$75 /month
API Standard$175 /month
API Advanced$450 /month

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Your Benefits

  • Real-time duplicate content report.
  • Platform independent API solution.
  • You get personal support, I’m your technical support guy!
  • Get access to a scalable data platform.

Save valuable time and automate manual process with the help of the duplicate content API.

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