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Duplicate Content API

The duplicate content API is designed to automatically detect online copies of your content, supporting 190+ countries and 50+ languages. By integrating this API into the content publishing workflow you’re able to prevent duplicate content from being published or you can quickly detect competitors that are using your content and all other forms of plagiarism. The API accepts …..

Keyword Density API

The keyword density API is developed to help you calculate the keyword frequency and density. After parsing the content and calculating keyword frequency & density (for one, two and three word phrases) the API returns the data in JSON format. To guarantee high quality output, the keyword density API applies a number of intelligent automated filters: Language specific …..

Rank Tracker API

Get access to real-time ranking data with the SEO Review Tools rank tracker API. The API returns data in JSON format which can be used to power your own tools, enrich dashboards or load data into spreadsheets. Supported SERP features include: Organic and paid results Answer box Featured snippets Google reviews Knowledge graph Local pack People also ask …..

Keyword API

Get direct access to vital SEO keyword data with the SEO Review Tools keyword API. An affordable solution that gives you the ability to enrich your tools, dashboards or reports with Search volume and relevant keyword suggestions. The keywords API helps you to discover new keyword ideas and provides you with accurate monthly Search Volume estimates, Cost per …..


JSON SEO API. Use the SEO API to build your own white label SEO Report, Dashboards or Tools. Fast, Reliable and Easy to use, including code examples. The different API end-points are all based on the individual tools running on SEO Review Tools and have therefore been tested by 4,000,000+ users. This ensures you’re collecting data from a …..

SEO Tool Embed V2.0

Looking for a white label SEO Audit tool? Embed the SEO Audit Tool on your website to generate more high quality SEO leads, revenue and growth for your company. View the demo     Get embed code Originally I developed this SEO audit tool for Neil Patel, who has been using this tool since 2017 and generated an …..

SEO Content Analysis API

Find out how well a webpage is optimized for SEO. Connect with the SEO Content Analysis API and you are able to provide real-time SEO insights for your clients. You can supply the API with a public URL to analyse or you can post raw HTML (in case you need to analyse a private document). This allows the …..

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