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Keyword Density API

The keyword density API is developed to help you calculate the keyword frequency and density. After parsing the content and calculating keyword frequency & density (for one, two and three word phrases) the API returns the data in JSON format.

Keyword Density API

To guarantee high quality output, the keyword density API applies a number of intelligent automated filters:

  • Language specific stopword filter
  • Irrelevant HTML sections are removed (header, head, script, style..)
  • Reading and writing characters are removed (?, >, /, …)
  • Manually apply user defined filter keywords (optional and depends on your own input)

How to use the API

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Possible tasks to perform with the Keyword Density API.

  • Quickly build your own keyword density tool or report, with the API.
  • Discover how competitors in search optimize their content.
  • Automatically extract the most important keywords from a webpage
    • Extract focus keywords and or,
    • Perform automated content labeling / categorization.

Pricing plans

Pricing for the API starts at $75 USD p/ month.

API PlanPricing
API Lite$75 /month
API Standard$175 /month
API Advanced$450 /month

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Your Benefits

  • Get real-time results from the API.
  • You get personal support, I’m your technical support guy!
  • Get accurate results.
  • Get access to a scalable data platform.
  • All data is transferred over a secure connection.
  • Simple and straightforward pricing plans.

Save valuable time and automate manual process with the help of the keyword density API.

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