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Bulk Keyword difficulty Google sheet

Keyword difficulty checker sheet

Keyword difficulty checker spreadsheet.

This Google spreadsheet is designed to automatically connect with the SEO Review Tools Keyword difficulty API → and will return the results with just a couple of clicks. You can add up to a 100 keywords to the sheet to perform a bulk keyword difficulty score lookup.

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Why Keyword difficulty is important?

When your performing keyword research, keyword difficulty is an essential metric helping you to select your focus keyword or key phrase. On top of the usual metrics like search volume and CPC, organic keyword difficulty is very important give you an idea about how hard it will be to rank for a specific keyword in Google search. When you’re focusing on a keyword that is very hard to rank for you’ll have to publish your article on a highly authoritative domain with topical relevancy to stand a chance against the competition. Focusing on keywords with a lower keyword difficulty score can be easier, but will probably return less traffic. However focusing on keywords that are way too hard to rank for will return no traffic at all. So it’s important to make a balanced decision and pick the keyword that will lead to the highest return on investment.

Use case.

How to determine if you are able to target a specific keyword?

  • Start with your Google search Console data and check if you are already ranking for similar keywords and topics. If you answer this question with “yes”, you are in a good spot and you should definitely try to target the keyword that you have selected. If you don’t have GSC account you can also use are free domain rank checker to discover for what keywords you’re already ranking in Google.
  • If you’re not ranking for similar keywords and topics, select your most important keywords that are driving traffic to your website and check their keyword difficulty scores. This will give you a good indication of the keyword difficulty scores that are in range for you to target.
  • If you are starting a new website and have no data available, Just start with targeting long-tail keyword phrases. Improve your authority over time and try to target keywords with a little more competition and monitor the results.

How is keyword difficulty measured?

Keyword difficulty is measured based on the strength of the organic competition in Google search. Competitor metrics that are taken into consideration when calculating the Keyword difficulty score include, Domain Authority, Page Authority, the quantity of backlinks pointing to the individual search results and the quality of the links.

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Keyword difficulty score explanation

0 – 15Easy
>15 – 30Relatively easy
>30 – 50Average / moderate
>50 – 70Difficult
>70 – 85Hard
>85 – 100Very hard

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How to use this sheet

View the sheet Make your copy

The first time you use the sheet

Please note that I will NOT have access to your account and you will be the owner of the script running in your account. Because the Google authorisation screens can look pretty intimidating ;-))

  • Google will ask for authorization, click “Continue”
  • Select the account you want to use
  • Google will show the “Google hasn’t verified this app” message, click “advanced”
  • Click “Go to ImportJSON (unsafe)”.
  • On the “ImportJSON wants to access your Google Account”, click “Allow”

If you have any additional question or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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