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How to improve Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)?

Participants: Patrick Kettner

Learn how to improve Largest Contentful Paint [LCP]:

  1. Set explicit height and width dimensions for images and IFrames.
  2. Reserve the correct space for content that’s being dynamically loaded.
  3. Optimize web fonts loading by preloading
Tags: Corre Web Vitals, Technical SEO, Page Speed

How to improve Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)?

Participants: Patrick Kettner

Learn how to improve Largest Contentful Paint [LCP]:

  1. Utilize optimize servers and caching. 
  2. Serve content with CDNs and sever worker.
  3. Optimize front-end code.
Tags: Corre Web Vitals, Technical SEO, Page Speed

How to improve First Input Delay?

Participants: Patrick Kettner

Improve First Input Delay [FID]:

  1. Defer, delay, or remove JavaScript
  2. Prevent expensive Ulls
  3. Breaking up long tasks
Tags: Corre Web Vitals, Technical SEO, Page Speed

How to improve Page Experience?

Participants: Patrick Kettner

Learn how to pass these essential Page Experience checks:

  1. HTTPS
  2. Mobile friendliness
  3. No Intrusive interstitials
Tags: Corre Web Vitals, Technical SEO

How to recover from a Google penalty?

Participants: Aurora Morales

Learn more how to recover from a Google Google penalty. How to submitting a reconsideration request. And how long it will take before the request is reviewed and solved.

Tags: Penaltie recovery, Manual actions

How long does SEO take for new pages?

Participants: John Mueller

Short answer, it depends. How to speed up, the indexing process:  

  1. Have a quick website, with a clear internal link structure.
  2. Use sitemaps and the GSC URL inspection tool.
  3. Provide high quality content.
Tags: Technical seo, Indexing

What is Page Experience?

Participants: Patrick Kettner

What is Page Experience?

  1. A new set of metrics that Google will be using to rank websites
  2. Page Experience uses browser signals to how visitors use and experience a website 
Tags: Corre Web Vitals, Technical seo

Technical SEO using Search Console

Participants: Daniel Waisberg

Learn how developers can use Google Search Console to their advantage:

  1. Index coverage report
  2. URL inspection tool
  3. Security issue report
  4. Core web vitals report
Tags: Search Console Reports, Technical seo

Google Web Stories

Participants: Pascal Birchler

Learn to create Web Stories and how to optimize this content form for search. Web Stories technical requirements include valid AMP + Structured data and can be tested with the Google AMP testing tool.

Tags: Content, Publishing

Product SEO for Google

Participants: Alan Kent

Learn where Google shows products: Google search, Image search, Shopping tab, Google maps. How to feed you products to Google merchant center: Structured data, Product feed, Content API

Tags: Shopping, Supplemental feeds

Video optimization for Google

Participants: Danielle Marshak

Learn how Google indexes videos, how videos appear in search and discover and how to optimize your videos.

Tags: Video sitemaps, Structured data, Referral links

Image optimization for Google

Participants: John Mueller

Learn about image optimization for Google, recommendations:

  1. Provide context
  2. Optimize image placement
  3. Make sure vital text is used in the content and not in images
  4. Use alt attributes
  5. Use descriptive URLs that contain your image topic
  6. more.. 
Tags: Google Discover, Recipes,

How to remove content from Google

Participants: Daniel Waisberg

Learn more about the different options you have to remove content from Google.

Temporary remove content from Google:

  • Use Google search console to temporary remove self-controlled content (will last about 6 months).

Permanently remove content from Google:

  1. Self-controlled content (use a 404 / 410 status code or block access with a password). 
  2. External content that you don’t control:
    1. Contact the web site owner. In some cases you can contact Google to help you remove personal information →
    2. Removing content from Google services → 
Tags: Third-party pages, Google services

SEO for Single Page Apps

Participants: Martin Splitt

Learn how to prevent common SEO issues when designing a single page application:

  1. Make sure you’re using the history API and correct link markup make sure individual views get index by Google.
  2. Add meta descriptions and titles for the different views.
  3. Return the correct status code when there is an error.
Tags: Indexing, Crawling, Best practices

HTTPS – Secure connection

Participants: John Mueller
  1. How HTTPS works?
  2. Why do you want to use HTTPS?
  3. How to plan a migration from HTTP to HTTPS?
Tags: Authentication, Data integrity, Encryption, Ranking signal

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